Rolo and Racer are on Youtube!


I meant it, Rolo and Racer are on Youtube! If you want to see the Season 1 Episode 1, either watch it here, or go to:

Here’s Season 1 Episode 1: Rolo and Racer find a Mysterious Box

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Rolo and Racer will also be my Site Mascots!

(Site Update soon!)


2 Responses to “Rolo and Racer are on Youtube!”

  1. Elmtree Says:

    Please Support Webkinz WordPress Blog Peace!

    See My site for deatials!


  2. Webkinz Clown Fish Says:

    OMG I cant wait until the Webkinz Clown Fish is released. Its coming out in October apparently, I have seen it on this site. I cant wait, but i’m not going to call him Nemo… Hmm not sure what will name him. Does anyone have one yet before release date?

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