Story- Anime Foxes

Chapter 1- What the-what is this?

     I’m beginning to enjoy my morning walks to school and back…but I haven’t seen anything as weird as anyone says about this haunted school. So…I’m walking to school and back, and I’m pretty shy so I don’t interact with many people. Oops 😛 I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Haruhi! 🙂 Anyways, besides the haunted school, in the core of this school holds a prism that turns any humanly figure that holds it in their hands into an animal. So I was walking one day through the corridors to Detention… and I saw this door that lead to the boiler room. Haha, my curious instincts tell me told me to go through that door to skip to Detention, but then I saw this orb prism thing. Oooh shiny (lol)!! So I picked it up and I felt this weird liquid go through my body…it was kind of weird. Then I felt this weird feeling on my hair and then my butt. Next I know, I`m a FOX!! :O I was so scared…and I didn`t know what it was about! HELP! 🙂

Chapter 2 coming soon

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