Monday Post- 4:27 pm PT


Hey guys! This is my Sunday post, or my review of the previous week!

Monday: Went to school…and one of my best friends wasn’t there. So I wasn’t that happy that day. But I hung out with my friends and I was gonna get chocolate the next day

Tuesday: Went to school and continued the Badminton tourney. Me and my partner still haven’t played. Then I got my chocolate and shared it with my group. (I have a group of friends and they are all guys and they love chocolate and my good friend was back, he had a neck strain thing) Then we had a greek pot luck  lunch and I ate ALL the chocolate LOL.

Wedsnesday: My uncle and my grandpa came today! I hung out with my friends today and we did a Sports Day run-through. ( I was a helper person)

Thursday: Our university student helper person came to school, and we had to re-write a story that had no words…only pictures. Our teacher wanted us to have a group that had a girl (ME!) and my other friends.

Friday: Sports Day!! Helped out some kindergarten kids and 2nd graders. Yellow came in 3rd, and we had some tug-a-war and balloon tosses.

Saturday: Went to a few relative’s houses and went shopping. My sister got the Pink Google and now we have all the googles! (She got the blue one earlier) Played baseball at the park.

Sunday: Went to church (Mortgage Burning) and then came home and prepared for our garage sale that we are having next week. I talked with all my friends on MSN.

That’s pretty much my week…and this is what I’m doing right now

Watching-Phineas and Ferb

Listening to- Ice Cream Freeze by Hannah Montana (It’s a music video on the channel I’m watching

Updating- Deviant Art

Okay I’ll try to reply to your comments soon!



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