Sorry for not posting!


Been too busy with YouTube again. SO SORRY! I also got grounded. 😦 But I’m back. I’ll try really hard to post every day. I GOT A NEW CAMERA! I broke my other one, so now I’m allowed to use my new camera. It’s pink, and it’s super cool! Check out my youtube channel, and watch the featured video. I actually show my camera in the mirror.

Watch it!


8 Responses to “Sorry for not posting!”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Sweet Blog
    I remember when you broke your camera on the table after your play. Good times Good times
    See ya soon
    Your biggest blog Fan Spencer

  2. Siiba Says:

    At Everythingkinz, we just got 5000 hits!
    Celebrate with us: our first contest is a scavenger hunt, with many prizes, the grand prize is a SUPER BED OF YOUR CHOICE! And for second is the UNICORN PSI!
    See you there!

  3. webkinzcollecter Says:


  4. webkinzcollecter Says:

    I am back now. Go to for a comment contest were you can win the 2007 Halloween creepy bed!

  5. yoshigirl97 not logged in Says:

    Yes, it was so tragic lol. But my dad did scream at me. So So tragic!

  6. canternami Says:

    hi yosh!

  7. canternami Says:

    its canterwind

  8. Ppytwneu Says:

    skin rip tattoo,

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