Back again!


Hello again…I bet you all missed me! ^-^ To tell you the truth, the blogging had stopped for a while, because of dumb school. If you saw how much homework and Grade 7 stuff we get in school right now, you’d wanna transfer in 20 seconds flat ^-^ Anyways, let me get to a few points fer me!

     I’m learning (trying hard because I don’t play piano) Violet Hil by Coldplay. They do have a strong, easy piano part, so I have been listening to it for quiet sometime now. ^-^ I have almost all the lyrics memorized, but from the “Priests cut ……..” I get lost 🙂

     Webkinz is like, releasing a BUNCH of new E-store pets. I’m really behind on it though. I know now there’s a Minty Reindeer and a Fire Fawn. (Better not put your Fire Fawn in your Pool!) And there are also a BUNCH of new things that they did with the charm forest. There are all new things search for.

     I have been ADDICTED to Donkey Kong Country! Lol. Since I’ve been grounded for like, 3 days, I played it a bit more then expected. Lol. Video gamers are back!

     I preform in a play today, Sleeping Beauty. A wonderful play, but my mom said I have to put on Goon makeup, when I am a Queen. Duh, you don’t put on Goon makeup when you’re a Queen!

I have to go get ready to leave, because we leave early for the dress rehearsal. Talk to you really soon! Bye!


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