Hoo! Soo HyPeR! ReAd ThE tHiNgS bElOw!

  • Went to Carlton Cards and got a WEBKINZ! It’s a Porcupine!
  • Mom bought me a pack of trading cards!
  • Saw the Langur, Parakeet and Camel at Carlton Cards
  • Opened my pack of trading cards and
  • Went to Pharmasave and mailed parcels
  • Saw the ORCA WHALE at Pharmasave
  • Wenmt home

That’s how my day went! I also adopted the Mystery pet and got….

A WHITE TERRIER! I named her Mysterious. :S Weird. And I named the porcupine Ella.


2 Responses to “AWESOMEST DAY EVER!”

  1. webkinzfreaks101 Says:

    that is cool lucky and can you see my blog at

  2. pikmin lover/owner Says:

    I got a mystry pet once it was a second whimzy dragon. It was second because I had one already.
    🙂 At least was another webkinz on my currently 74 webkinz account. user? Fishrgirl Don’t believe me check out my mypage.

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