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XD Dane Dance…

October 26, 2008

Ok here’s the deal, you’re probably thinking why my stupid title is XD Dane Dance. Well it is for a stupid reason. I’m gonig to show you a video.

Well again, you’re probably wondering why I’m going to put a video on here. Here’s the story.

Febuary 29th 2008. The Talent show is officially over. I sing wonderfully and all the guys are complimenting me on my angelic voice (I don’t believe it either, someone said that) My friends had done their dance in act one. Then comes the stupid kid. He insults my friends. The teacher finds out. He doesn’t get detention. (By now you’re probably thinking “Why didn’t this moron get D.T????”) Instead the teacher makes him dance a Bhangra dance to a really silly song for 3 minutes. So the teacher starts the music. Then my friend D.J (nickname) says “Oh, I can videotape this!!!! I have my camera phone!” So guess what D.J does? He videotapes the stupid kid dancing! LOL! He sent it to me and my friend who did the dance originally put it on Youtube today. That’s the story between the movies you will watch.

By the way there is noooo sound.

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Part one^

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Part 2^

Now a poll about it

Hope you enjoy!


What’s been going on with me

October 25, 2008

Drama: We are trying to squeeze in all our practicing because we need to have dress rehearsals because our preformance is in a month.

Band: I need to practice at least 2 hours a week so I have been practicing nonstop.

Homework: We have so much math that we can hardly hold our backpacks up. 😆

Quizzes: We had 2 quizzes in the last week. :S Aie.

And here’s a quiz. Please answer both quizzes.

See you all later!


Spooky Story

October 13, 2008

One dark, not so nice morning, at 7, Rolo had come downstairs to make himself some breakfast. He looked in the brightly lit fridge for some eggs and toast and cinammon. Nothing. “Oh well, time to go to the storage room.” He took a candle to the storage room. He looked in every fridge and every cabinet until he found everything he needed. But then he heard a wail from a box. A strange keepsake box in the corner. He opened it. Out of the blue, a ghost shot out of the box. “G-g-ghost??????” Now Rolo was wailing. The ghost looked to be just recently made, because it was plain to see. The white was so vibrant. The ghost looked pleased to had scared Rolo. He swooped down to the candle and blew it out with a slight wisp of cool air. Rolo was so scared that he ran out of the storage room and set the ghost lock on so that the ghost couldn’t escape. But he forgot that ghosts could escape and walk through walls.

While cooking his breakfast on Bandit’s stove, he heard a low wail. He thought it was just the ghost trying to escape the storage room, but he was wrong. The ghost had snuck up behind him and scared the pants off of him. “Aiieeee!!!!!!!!!!” Rolo turned off the stove and ran out of the house. He ran fast but the ghost ran faster.  The ghost was gaining on him. He was at the dead crosswalk when the ghost swooped on him and picked him up. The cold blood in the ghost was making Rolo freeze. “Now…I have you…I will take you where I need you the most.” The ghost as murmuring. What Rolo had never noticed was that this ghost was in form of Salazar the Snake, one of his brothers. The ghost of Salazar took him to a secret labratory down underneath the Kinzville tunnel.  He had postitioned himself ontop of a portal. On the other portal, lay Salazar’s dead body. “Press the green button.” Wailed the ghost. Rolo, too scared to move, slowly motioned his hand near the green button. He pressed it and a bright light flashed. To his suprise, it was Salazar! The ghost was Salazar! They hugged and went back home.

But what nobody never knew, that the skies in Kinzville will always be gray, on every October day! 😉

By Yoshi

Site Makeover…COMPLETED!

October 12, 2008

Here’s what I changed:

My Site Theme. Reason: I don’t like black because it brings me down.

My header. Reason: I knew I could do better!


A couple of things

October 12, 2008

Groovy has a Halloween contest going on at her blog Go Go Go!

Please help me get hits! We are not even at 30,000 😦 😦 I would like to be at 30,000! Please HELP me to get to 30,000

Lastly, I am going to change my blog around. SITE MAKEOVER! I will make a new post when I’m done. 🙂


Fan Art Page

October 6, 2008

I’m making a fan art page! If you want to send me any pieces of artwork for me, please send it to thank you!


OMG X 1000000000000

October 4, 2008

My hits have majorly improved guys! We are almost at 30,000! I can’t believe it.

I don’t know how to report WABTY as mature. If Rose or someone else could show me, that would rock!

I may be getting a NEW DS GAME! Kirby Super Star Ultra! The greatest game starring my favorite Super Tuff Pink Puff, Kirby!

I am holding a VIDEO contest! Here are the rules:

The submission must be under 10 minutes long

The submission MUST include either Webkinz or Nintendo or both!

The submission must have either captioning or sound.

The submitter MUST HAVE FUN!

Contest ends Nov. 4th. Have fun!