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September 28, 2008

On my blogroll, the quiz, some people had named themselves these names!

You Noob. (What the heck, I’m not a noob!)

F*** Yoshi (I am sure that it was WABTY! Thank you Rose for notifing me on this)


Now what? I am in trouble! Help me! Please post this on your blog and try to find out who did this! Please!

P.S, if you are Yoshi’s #1 fan, please comment here. I’d like to know what your wordpress name is! 😉


Sorry/W-Shop Clothes/Bad Day

September 18, 2008


I am sorry I haven’t been posting for about a week. I have been busy with school and homework and I have been on YouTube most of the time.


The W-Shop has new clothes. A couple of Academy shirts, hats and some other things. Pictures:

Click to Enlarged

Click to enlarge


I had a Bad Day, Taking one down, I’ll make a post just to turn it around

So I this guy gave me a restraining order against a guy I like. He says I’m harassing him. I’m not. But I’m over it. :I

Anyways, I am not going to talk to anyone for a bit. Later! 😛


September 11th, 2001

September 11, 2008

Today is a very important day in history. Today, 7 years ago, hijackers flew planes into the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and The World Trade Center. There was coverage on it all day long. The headlines: ATTACK ON AMERICA

Everyone thinks it was Osama Bin Laden, to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on America. So Canada, United States and alot of other countries were sent to Iraq to destroy the Tabliban. It is destroyed, but troops are still being sent to Iraq for another 4 years.

First 2 terrorists flying planes flew their planes and crashed into the Twin Towers, both toppling to the ground. Then The World Trade Center was attacked. Completely toppled to the ground. Then the Pentagon. Another plane crashed somewhere in a field, thank goodness it didn’t do anymore damage to America.

Please remember this day in history like Rememberance Day. Even if you are from the UK, Austrailia, or anywhere else, please remember the 9/11 tragedy.

Here is a video from Youtube that some kind soul made. It is wonderful and shows all the highlights of the 9/11, Attack on America.

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Do not watch this video if you are very sensitive.

This is a remembrence of the 2,893 people that died this dreadful day 7 years ago

Wowzers! Weekend!

September 6, 2008

I thought the week would NEVER end! I have sooooo much news for you! Here it is:

1: I got my teacher! She is sorta nice and sorta strict. 😛

2. I am in drama class, and my class is doing Sleeping Beauty. I got the role of Queen Stefanie! 🙂 🙂 So excited! I have to practice my lines!

3. New vacations on Webkinz World! I will get pictures, soon enough. Working the Travel Agency is a really weird webkinz :/

Now for what my weekend is going to be like!

1. Tomorrow I’m going to Playland with my friends! 🙂 😛 I’m going on Hell’s Gate!

2. I am babysitting my sister on Sunday. For 20 dollars (Hopefully) 😛

And I’ll be on the blogs! Peace out!


Sorta Ok First day

September 3, 2008

I’ll start from the start.

So I get to school and my dad comes too. (For my sister but I am sooo glad he went) Then I look at a board that says where we go. I find out that I can’t see my old teacher. 😦 So we go to our old door. Nope not that one. Then we go in school.  My old teacher says we go to the portables. Then another teacher says we go downstairs. Geez. Then we do a couple activities in class. We have to put together a maze because my teacher cut them up. So my group finds all the pieces and we put it together, but we can’t seem to finish the maze. After with our previous groups we talk about the best and worst things of our vacations. My crush 🙂 was in our group and he told us he went to Montreal and to the pool and he said he almost got killed because a big bully threw him into the pool and punched him. 😦 Then after someone was throwing rocks and it almost hit his head 😦 😥 I was practically sobbing inside. And I was practically sad all day. 😦

If you need any more details, ask me in a comment.

yoshi who is sad. 😦

AUUGGHHH! First day of school!

September 2, 2008

Good grief! Today is the first day of school! I am so nervous that I can’t even remember where I put my backpack. 😦 I am leaving for school at 8:30am (My Time) and I am sooooo nervous. But I will still be here to chat with y’ all until then. 😀