New Page/ Explanation/ Sponser


My new page is called How to talk Kinzblog and Nintendo. If you need to know how to spell something, then that’s what you go to.

OK. I haven’t been on lately, because I’ve been doing alot of Perler Bead crafts. I worked 3 hours just to complete a 1-up mushroom in Perler beads. Then I made an evil Starman. Yesterday I made a Mario craft. Then so quickly I made a Super Mushroom. I can post pictures soon. But not right now.

I need a sponser. I would like a sponser that has/can do the following

More than 25,000 hits on their blog

Is willing to put a gickr on their sidebar and an ad so I get some hits

Thanks! If you’d like to be my sponser, comment on this post. Thank you!


2 Responses to “New Page/ Explanation/ Sponser”

  1. Foxy Says:

    maybe Elmtree can help out. try and get her to sponser ur site. u Rock Yoshi!!!!


  2. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Thanks Foxy, maybe I will!

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