BIG news


I have big news! Extremely big news.

1. Rolo and Racer have their first video on Youtube! But hardly anybody has watched it.

Racer: Sniffle. 😦 I guess were not funny Rolo…

Rolo: I can’t dry up my tears. 😥

If you can please go to and watch the featured video, I would be happy. I am trying to get 1,000 views on a video. So I can maybe get a cool banner and my videos can be promoted and I can get money for making them.

2. I need some help. If you guys use Hypercam and all that, what do you use to record your sound? I have another funny video I need to post, but I don’t know what to use to record the sonud because Youtube doesn’t let you upload Quicktime videos. Do I need a microphone or what?

Thank you! Bye!


One Response to “BIG news”

  1. wendell2014 Says:

    ya like you said on my blog…i’m back! thanks for commenting!

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