I am completely confused!


Title says it all! Lizzie informed me that someone on WI with the name “Yoshi” had won a Lil’ Kinz Black Lab with the Orioles Bandana in the Webkinz Orioles Art Contest. I didn’t even enter the contest! If anybody knows about this and could explain, it would be greatly appreciated!

^ This is the Lil’ Black Lab with the bandana



4 Responses to “I am completely confused!”

  1. kittycream Says:

    PLZ COME TO KC FUN DAY!! 😀 you will have the time of your life , you can donate prizes and also you can participate in sooo many contests! starting at 12:00 you will have the time of your life , lets try amd beat the record!!!! http://www.kittycream.wordpress.com for mor info , by the way , its this Thursday 😀

  2. SAsammygirl Says:

    keep in mind that it could be a different yoshi.

  3. yoshigirl97 Says:


  4. SAsammygirl Says:

    i m ean a lot of ppl like yoshi! 😆 I LIKE YOSHI, TOO! I have a shirt with the old version if yoshi on it.

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