Incoming news!


Yeah! Incoming news~!

1. I am completely freaked out right now because there are bears where I am living, and I think one may be outside the window. 😆 I feel so weird right now…

2. I am not  getting a Webkinz or Jonas Brothers cd. (At least I don’t think so.) I am going to get a Super Mario Bros. 3 show DVD the complete show. All of the episodes. Awesome! I mean, it rules 🙂 Backplan is:

For a webkinz: Rhino or Manatee. I need names for them please.

For a girl Rhino:Something sweet or something that describes the Rhino.

For a boy Rhino:Something cute or something that describes the color blue.

For a girl Manatee:Something that starts with the letter “M” or some flower name.

For a boy Manatee:Something that starts with the letter “M” or some water name.

3. The Clubhouse will be open on Monday! I don’t have any pictures today. I saw on Webkinz World! Get your parents permission to go now!

That’s the Incoming News! Talk to you all soon!


P.S: I am coming back early! The 18th of August~!

P.P.S: This is Giggles, yoshi’s google speaking. I was snooping around on the computer and I saw that yoshi’s blog was created on the 18th of August! This will be her 1 year anniversary on the blog! :0

P.P.P.S: I just remembered that yoshi still has a comment contest happening on her blog!


^Click there to go onto the comment contest post!

Thank you! Giggles! Are you on the computer again????? No???? Come eat! Your Googles Noodles, Ramen Noodles, and Tomato are getting cold! Yuck! I hate Tomatoes! You have to eat them anyways sweetie. Maybe I’ll cook you some Brocoli inst… Yay!!!!!!!! Brocoli, HERE I COME! I WILL NOT EAT MY TOMATOES AS LONG AS MY NAME IS GIGGLES GOOGLEY GOOGLE YOSHIWEBKINZ! GIGGLES! Coming! Bye blog people! Don’t let the blog bugs bite, adios amigos, bon voyagey, have a nice… GIGGLES! Fine, I’m coming.

One Response to “Incoming news!”

  1. Arielle Says:

    Check out this totally AWESOME new post on the Webkinz Parlor weblog!


    -I made a comic called Webkinz Back to School Episode 1: Fadoodles, starring my Pug Jeannie as Mrs. Fadoodle, my Leopard Aimee as, well, Aimee (lol), and my Kangaroo Hopsy plays Andrew. Come see it and leave a comment!

    -It’s my brother’s birthday! Wish him a happy 8th birthday!

    -Rose’s Webkinz Chat is our new sponsor! Give her a warm Webkinz Parlor Welcome to our sponsors team!

    -There’s a hurricane called Hurricane Fay hitting where I live! Oh no!

    Come see it, and leave lots of comments!

    -Arielle of the Webkinz Parlor

    P.S. Lol! That’s was hilarious the thing you did with Giggles! 😀

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