Which one?/The Nicest Blogger Award Finals Results/Header Poll


I am going to get either a Webkinz or the Jonas Brothers’ new album. You tell me which one I should get.

If you say Webkinz, you tell me which one out of these 5 I should get

1.Rhino (VERY adorable)

2.Cocoa Dinosaur (VERY cute)

3.Manatee (Cute)

4.Lil’ Kinz Blue Jay (Cute)

5.Other (You pick!)


Now…the votes have been counted…your voices have been heard…now it’s time to reveal who has won the title on Nicest Blogger.

The winner is…..(drumroll please)

(Vanessa drumrolls)

The winner is…Yoshigirl97! :confused: I don’t understand. I won? Oh wow! :love: Thank you!


Now for the header poll.

Poll A: Should I change my header: Yes or No

Poll B: Should I change my header, what would you like to see on it?

Poll C: Should I get my header made by someone else, or by me?

Remember to vote in the polls!


7 Responses to “Which one?/The Nicest Blogger Award Finals Results/Header Poll”

  1. Brianne Says:

    I think that u should get the Dinosaur it’s SOOOO chte 😆

  2. misstexas12 Says:

    get a little blue jay! I have one and have taken it everywhere with me!

  3. 1kbuckeye9 Says:

    I think you should get the ehino because it’s retired and it’s SOOO cute-EEE!!!!

  4. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    rhino because its retired and sold out and in 3 months it could be worth as much as the love puppy! and its so cute.

  5. webkinzluver212 Says:

    Yoshigirl get the uhhhhhhhhhh oh get the manatee!!!!!!!! it’s adorbale I’m gonna name my manatee Rosemary!

  6. PajammySAsammy Says:


  7. penguinnator Says:

    idk wut webkinz but i can make u a header!!

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