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New Page/ Explanation/ Sponser

August 31, 2008

My new page is called How to talk Kinzblog and Nintendo. If you need to know how to spell something, then that’s what you go to.

OK. I haven’t been on lately, because I’ve been doing alot of Perler Bead crafts. I worked 3 hours just to complete a 1-up mushroom in Perler beads. Then I made an evil Starman. Yesterday I made a Mario craft. Then so quickly I made a Super Mushroom. I can post pictures soon. But not right now.

I need a sponser. I would like a sponser that has/can do the following

More than 25,000 hits on their blog

Is willing to put a gickr on their sidebar and an ad so I get some hits

Thanks! If you’d like to be my sponser, comment on this post. Thank you!


Totally Awesome Story!

August 30, 2008

OK. This is like Rose’s story, but not really.

(Waddles comes in wearing a parka)

(Vanessa doing her nails): Waddles, it’s not that cold outside.

Waddles: Well I’m cold! It’s about 10 degrees outside right now.

Vanessa: Yeah Yeah…Whatever.

(Rolo and Racer come in)

Rolo: Hi Vanessa! Hi Waddles!

Vanessa and Waddles: Hi Rolo.

Rolo: Racer, can you make me some Hot Chocolate please?????

Racer: Ask Bandit.

Bandit: NO NO NO! I am NOT going to make you Hot Chocolate. I am Bandito experimenting with Fritos.

Rolo: 🙄 Stubborn…

Bandit: Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to finish my Fritos cake.

Vanessa: Yuck. 😦  If I were you, I’d throw THAT out.

Waddles: I’ll make you some. 🙂

Rolo: Thanks! 😀

Waddles: Vanessa, why don’t you do something constructive and watch the news.

Vanessa: Yeah sure. Maybe I can see if it’s going to rain tomorrow. I wanna go to the mall.

Waddles: (Snickers) Forget rain, what about snow?

News Man: For the weather report, it is going to be raining tomorrow and it will be very cold. We might even see some snow.

Vanessa: WHAT?!?! Ergg…I can’t stand it. 😡

Waddles: Here you go Rolo.

Rolo: Thanks Waddles. 🙂

Bandit: VOILA! My Fritos Cake is complete! Have some!



Vanessa: No thank you Bandit, I am on a diet.

Bandit: Pfft…diet…lol…

Racer: Ok, I’ll have some. It tastes HORRIBLE!

Bandit: Back to the drawing board 😳

(Story ends with everyone puking and gagging in the kitchen except Vanessa who is still  painting her nails)

Hope you liked it! Feel free to ask if you can put it on your blog.


BIG news

August 27, 2008

I have big news! Extremely big news.

1. Rolo and Racer have their first video on Youtube! But hardly anybody has watched it.

Racer: Sniffle. 😦 I guess were not funny Rolo…

Rolo: I can’t dry up my tears. 😥

If you can please go to and watch the featured video, I would be happy. I am trying to get 1,000 views on a video. So I can maybe get a cool banner and my videos can be promoted and I can get money for making them.

2. I need some help. If you guys use Hypercam and all that, what do you use to record your sound? I have another funny video I need to post, but I don’t know what to use to record the sonud because Youtube doesn’t let you upload Quicktime videos. Do I need a microphone or what?

Thank you! Bye!


I am completely confused!

August 23, 2008

Title says it all! Lizzie informed me that someone on WI with the name “Yoshi” had won a Lil’ Kinz Black Lab with the Orioles Bandana in the Webkinz Orioles Art Contest. I didn’t even enter the contest! If anybody knows about this and could explain, it would be greatly appreciated!

^ This is the Lil’ Black Lab with the bandana



A short little poem of mine…

August 22, 2008

I sit at my window

Staring at the rain

Not know what

Just might be in pain

I hear a knock at my door

I know it is you

I swing it open a little

But it can’t be true

I swing it open wider

It isn’t your smiling face

Tears start to bubble up

I know about this taste

I swing it open even wider

It’s your mom and dad

They have to tell me something

Something really sad

You left the world

You left the world today

You fell into a deep sleep

That’s all they had to say

I miss you more then ever

I have nobody else

Why did you have to go?

Why didn’t he pick someone else?

But then I just remembered

That it was your time to go

I have to get used to

Going with the flow

Just remember,

I remember

You’re still here.

The End

Rolo and Racer are on Youtube!

August 22, 2008

I meant it, Rolo and Racer are on Youtube! If you want to see the Season 1 Episode 1, either watch it here, or go to:

Here’s Season 1 Episode 1: Rolo and Racer find a Mysterious Box

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Rolo and Racer will also be my Site Mascots!

(Site Update soon!)


I am making Rolo and Racer Youtube vids!

August 20, 2008

Yes I am making Rolo and Racer Youtube vids. It is very funny the first video I have yet to upload. Rolo and Racer find a box and are guessing what is inside. It is hilarious! I am going to upload videos soon! But for now check out


P.S: Do you like my new avatar?


August 18, 2008

I got a Rhino! Here’s the whole story:

I was at the Mall, and there was Carlton Cards there. We went to look around. I went inside and I saw ALL the new Webkinz Pets! (except the Blue Jay) The Cocoa Dino, The Caramel Lion, The Skunk (A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E), The Silverback Gorilla, The Fantail Goldfish, The Manatee (Actually Ugly in real life. 😦 ) and the deer. They also had a WHOLE stack of Rhinos. My Grandmother offered to buy my sister and I each one Webkinz. (Thanks Grandma!) My sister picked out the Fantail Goldfish. There was one left. I had to decide between the Cocoa Dino or the Rhino. So I decided on the Rhino.

I am going to name it Rolo the Rhino. ( I am sorry if I am copying anybodys Rhino’s name) Also, I got the Mario DVD’s! Awesome huh?


Incoming news!

August 17, 2008

Yeah! Incoming news~!

1. I am completely freaked out right now because there are bears where I am living, and I think one may be outside the window. 😆 I feel so weird right now…

2. I am not  getting a Webkinz or Jonas Brothers cd. (At least I don’t think so.) I am going to get a Super Mario Bros. 3 show DVD the complete show. All of the episodes. Awesome! I mean, it rules 🙂 Backplan is:

For a webkinz: Rhino or Manatee. I need names for them please.

For a girl Rhino:Something sweet or something that describes the Rhino.

For a boy Rhino:Something cute or something that describes the color blue.

For a girl Manatee:Something that starts with the letter “M” or some flower name.

For a boy Manatee:Something that starts with the letter “M” or some water name.

3. The Clubhouse will be open on Monday! I don’t have any pictures today. I saw on Webkinz World! Get your parents permission to go now!

That’s the Incoming News! Talk to you all soon!


P.S: I am coming back early! The 18th of August~!

P.P.S: This is Giggles, yoshi’s google speaking. I was snooping around on the computer and I saw that yoshi’s blog was created on the 18th of August! This will be her 1 year anniversary on the blog! :0

P.P.P.S: I just remembered that yoshi still has a comment contest happening on her blog!


^Click there to go onto the comment contest post!

Thank you! Giggles! Are you on the computer again????? No???? Come eat! Your Googles Noodles, Ramen Noodles, and Tomato are getting cold! Yuck! I hate Tomatoes! You have to eat them anyways sweetie. Maybe I’ll cook you some Brocoli inst… Yay!!!!!!!! Brocoli, HERE I COME! I WILL NOT EAT MY TOMATOES AS LONG AS MY NAME IS GIGGLES GOOGLEY GOOGLE YOSHIWEBKINZ! GIGGLES! Coming! Bye blog people! Don’t let the blog bugs bite, adios amigos, bon voyagey, have a nice… GIGGLES! Fine, I’m coming.

Which one?/The Nicest Blogger Award Finals Results/Header Poll

August 12, 2008

I am going to get either a Webkinz or the Jonas Brothers’ new album. You tell me which one I should get.

If you say Webkinz, you tell me which one out of these 5 I should get

1.Rhino (VERY adorable)

2.Cocoa Dinosaur (VERY cute)

3.Manatee (Cute)

4.Lil’ Kinz Blue Jay (Cute)

5.Other (You pick!)


Now…the votes have been counted…your voices have been heard…now it’s time to reveal who has won the title on Nicest Blogger.

The winner is…..(drumroll please)

(Vanessa drumrolls)

The winner is…Yoshigirl97! :confused: I don’t understand. I won? Oh wow! :love: Thank you!


Now for the header poll.

Poll A: Should I change my header: Yes or No

Poll B: Should I change my header, what would you like to see on it?

Poll C: Should I get my header made by someone else, or by me?

Remember to vote in the polls!