OMG at Playland!


So I wasn’t here today because I went to Playland! Vanessa: Go Playland! Vanessa! I went there and I decided to go on Hell’s Gate. OMG! It was scary…so many flips…ooh, I feel sick. But still it was really cool. But I saw alot of people hold Webkinz there. We were walking to the Flying Elephants ride, (My sister likes that ride), and I saw a games booth and the prizes were WEBKINZ! I went OMG! Webkinz! They had these Webkinz:

-Lil’ Black Lab

-Beagle (Retiring)

-Lil’ Dalmatian

-Lil’ Monkey (Retired)

– Cheeky Monkey (POTM)

And they had some accesories:

-A WHOLE lot of Figurines

-Mouse Pads (That’s a bit weird to have mouse pads.)

But it was the busiest booth ever. And for one game to try to win a Lil’ Kinz was $2.00. But you had to put a ball in the monster’s mouth, and the ball was round the, hole was square or diamond shaped. HARD! I didn’t try to win because my Dad said that it was a waste of money and you would be sad if you didn’t win.

^ That is Hell’s Gate! There are geysers, but you don’t get sprayed. But the sort of make you think that you’re going to get sprayed. 🙂  LOL! It is old, but it still brings thrills to Playland. It’s the only ride in Playland that requires that the rider is 54″

It was really fun to be at Playland! I have a Season Playpass so I had gone a couple of times.


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