Some of my Yoshi Doodlez!


Hi guys! I just scanned these so I thought you may want to see some of my Yoshi Doodle

Just click on any pic to enlarge it!

Here is the key to all of the pictures

1. Yoshi Doodlez 8- Jonas Brothers DC Games pic

2. Yoshi Doodlez 1- Yoshi Chibi

3. Yoshi Doodlez 2- Fox Koopa

4. Yoshi Doodlez 3- Luigi Chibi

5. Yoshi Doodlez 4- Luigi Chibi Close Up

6. Yoshi Doodlez 5- Kevin Jonas

7. Yoshi Doodlez 6- Joe Jonas

8. Yoshi Doodlez 7- Nick Jonas

Comment on which ones you like!


One Response to “Some of my Yoshi Doodlez!”

  1. Anymonous Says:

    I like Yoshi Chibi. (2)

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