I need to improve!


Morning people! I just thought hard about it, and it seems I need some improvement on my blog. I am getting sloppy with posts, and WK isn’t doing much on this blog. Here are some things I am going to make/improve on my blog


1. I want to get one of those side widgets like Rose and Groovy have. With the text and color.

2. I need to host at least one contest. I was thinking maybe a Yoshi Choice Awards. (Full Credit to WK on the KCA) You get nominated for one of 5 catigories and we have a poll all week. The one with the highest votes is the winner and gets an ad on my blog so people can go there.

3. I need to get more of this Webkinz News stuff. Like info and pictures from the news.


Now you get to say what my blog needs for improvement!


Well, I’m going to prepare the Yoshi Choice Awards!


3 Responses to “I need to improve!”

  1. Billy Says:

    Yoshigirl somone told me that u have a love puppy psi are u going to trade it? pleaz let me know thanks! 🙂

  2. yoshigirl97 Says:


    Sorry, but I want to keep it.

  3. Billy Says:

    its okay Yoshi Girl i was wanted to know what u will say

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