Where is everybody?


Hi guys. Where is everybody on this blog? The last comment I had was from Paper Shy Guy, but that’s me! Are you all at Rose’s Blog? Or WK’s? Please come here again.


6 Responses to “Where is everybody?”

  1. 1kbuckeye9 Says:

    I’ll make an article in my HB Specails to come to ur blog!

  2. yoshigirl97 Says:


  3. webkinzluver212 Says:

    I luv your site!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 1kbuckeye9 Says:

    I’m sorry I forgot too, I’ll make sure I do something just for you in a couple days!!! 🙂

  5. webkinzloverz Says:

    HI please visit my blog http://www.webkinz4loverz.wordpress.com

  6. Elmtree Says:

    Website back up!

    My site, http://www.elmtrees.wordpress.com is back! I’m sorry for the inconnveince of not posting in, like, 2 weeks! I’ll be free for the rest of the summer so be sure to check daily!


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