I am sick of you WABTY!


I am sick of WABTY! He was being really rude on Hayley’s Blog. He was talking about boys and girls’ private parts and he was cussing so many times! And he changed Hayley’s comment on his blog. Here it is!

15 1k*uckeye9 

wabty u r sexy!!! i wanna have sex with you!!
EW!!!!! you’re sick buck!!!!!

Isn’t that sick? The star is the horrible swear word (buck-*uck you know.)

So ban Webkinz Are Better Than You from your blog! He might cuss on your blog. It is rumoured that his sister is Mean Girl etc.

Be Careful and Stay Safe on the blog!


2 Responses to “I am sick of you WABTY!”

  1. ~♥KinzFan143♥~ Says:

    that little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL SHOW HIM!!!!!!!

  2. Wabty Says:


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