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Yoshi Choice Awards Polls!

July 31, 2008

Here are all of the Polls!

Nicest Blogger*

Best Blog*

Greatest Place to find Webkinz News

Best Blog between 5,000 and 20,000 hits

Greatest place for contests

The * ones have myself in the polls (Like you’d vote for me :roll:)

So get voting! Polls end on Monday!


30,000 hits are coming!/ I made a Gickr/ Yoshi Choice Awards/ Vacation

July 31, 2008

30,000 hits are coming! I cannot wait until I can host a party again. Let’s boost them hits up!


If you look on my side-bar, ther3e is a Gickr. I made it myself and I worked very hard on it.


The nominations for Yoshi Choice Awards are done! I will put the polls up soon!


I am going on Vacation from August 7th to August 18- 20th. I can’t check my blog at my Grandma’s house but I will sneak onto the blog if Mom doesn’t catch me! Maybe I’ll post! 🙂

That’s it! Check the last post for an amazing discovery! 🙂


OMG at Playland!

July 31, 2008

So I wasn’t here today because I went to Playland! Vanessa: Go Playland! Vanessa! I went there and I decided to go on Hell’s Gate. OMG! It was scary…so many flips…ooh, I feel sick. But still it was really cool. But I saw alot of people hold Webkinz there. We were walking to the Flying Elephants ride, (My sister likes that ride), and I saw a games booth and the prizes were WEBKINZ! I went OMG! Webkinz! They had these Webkinz:

-Lil’ Black Lab

-Beagle (Retiring)

-Lil’ Dalmatian

-Lil’ Monkey (Retired)

– Cheeky Monkey (POTM)

And they had some accesories:

-A WHOLE lot of Figurines

-Mouse Pads (That’s a bit weird to have mouse pads.)

But it was the busiest booth ever. And for one game to try to win a Lil’ Kinz was $2.00. But you had to put a ball in the monster’s mouth, and the ball was round the, hole was square or diamond shaped. HARD! I didn’t try to win because my Dad said that it was a waste of money and you would be sad if you didn’t win.

^ That is Hell’s Gate! There are geysers, but you don’t get sprayed. But the sort of make you think that you’re going to get sprayed. 🙂  LOL! It is old, but it still brings thrills to Playland. It’s the only ride in Playland that requires that the rider is 54″

It was really fun to be at Playland! I have a Season Playpass so I had gone a couple of times.


Some of my Yoshi Doodlez!

July 30, 2008

Hi guys! I just scanned these so I thought you may want to see some of my Yoshi Doodle

Just click on any pic to enlarge it!

Here is the key to all of the pictures

1. Yoshi Doodlez 8- Jonas Brothers DC Games pic

2. Yoshi Doodlez 1- Yoshi Chibi

3. Yoshi Doodlez 2- Fox Koopa

4. Yoshi Doodlez 3- Luigi Chibi

5. Yoshi Doodlez 4- Luigi Chibi Close Up

6. Yoshi Doodlez 5- Kevin Jonas

7. Yoshi Doodlez 6- Joe Jonas

8. Yoshi Doodlez 7- Nick Jonas

Comment on which ones you like!


Some pics of My Page!

July 30, 2008

I went on Webkinz World yesterday, and I had gotten My Page added to my account! Here are some pictures of it.

^ What it looks like in the Things to Do menu

^ The Home Page. You can see what your BFF’s are doing! P.S I only have 9/10

^ My Page! Not the More about Me Page.

And that’s all that I will show you. I won’t show you the More about Me Page because it’s confidential. 😉


Advertising Page

July 30, 2008


I made an advertising page for people who want to advertise for a site! It’s in the pages so check it out! I did get alot of links to Nichole’s site and I would appreciate if you posted them on the Advertsing site. I will delete all the comments with advertisement in them.



Yoshi Choice Awards!

July 26, 2008

Hello! Welcome to the Yoshi Choice Awards! I am your host Yoshigirl97, and I am going to be announcing the categories for the Yoshi Choice Awards.

Category 1: Nicest Blogger

Category 2: Best Blog

Category 3: Greatest place to find Webkinz News

Category 4: Best blog between 5,000 and 20,000 hits

Category 5: Greatest place for contests

There are the categories. I will nominate a few random people for categories. But the rest is up to you! You can pick your favorite blog or blogger for one of those categories! (Just remember to ask them first!)

The Nominations need to be here by July 29th because the polls are going up July 30th

So go get nominating!


Update: Here are the lists for the Polls.

Category 1: 1. Hayley ( 2. Elmtree ( 3. Webkinz Kid ( 4. Billy (

Category 2: 1. Hayley ( 2. Elmtree ( 3. Webkinz Kid (

Category 3: 1. Katie2981 ( 2. Elmtree ( 3. Webkinz Kid (

Category 4: 1. Hayley ( 2. Billy (

Category 5: 1. Elmtree ( 2. Webkinz Kid ( 3. Billy (

You can nominate people or yourselves!

I need to improve!

July 26, 2008

Morning people! I just thought hard about it, and it seems I need some improvement on my blog. I am getting sloppy with posts, and WK isn’t doing much on this blog. Here are some things I am going to make/improve on my blog


1. I want to get one of those side widgets like Rose and Groovy have. With the text and color.

2. I need to host at least one contest. I was thinking maybe a Yoshi Choice Awards. (Full Credit to WK on the KCA) You get nominated for one of 5 catigories and we have a poll all week. The one with the highest votes is the winner and gets an ad on my blog so people can go there.

3. I need to get more of this Webkinz News stuff. Like info and pictures from the news.


Now you get to say what my blog needs for improvement!


Well, I’m going to prepare the Yoshi Choice Awards!


Fantail Goldfish and Manatee are announced

July 24, 2008

I am the first to post this! The Fantail Goldfish and Manatee are released! But they don’t walk, they swim! You have to buy an underwater room for them to swim in! Check it out. It seems that the maintence was to make sure the underwater rooms worked!

I got a Zingoz 600 trophy!

July 22, 2008

The title says it all! After alot of games of Wacky Zingoz, I finally got a trophy! Here are some pictures:

^ The coveted hit to 600!

^ My scores after the game

^ The trophy in my dock

^ Here’s a picture of it in my room with the plush toy

That’s it for today! Bye!