The Party is Cancelled


Nobody came to my party except my sister. So it’s cancelled. Sorry



5 Responses to “The Party is Cancelled”

  1. libby459 Says:

    i’m sooooooooooooooo sorry. i forgot i had a couple of parties that i was suposed to go to that i forgot about im sorry. i feel bad

  2. yoshigirl97 Says:

    it’s fine. Nobody came to my 1,000 hits party either.

  3. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    I’m sooooooooooooooo sorry! I didn’t realize that I had b-ball practice! I should have told u but, I totally forgot! Plz forgive me (again)!

  4. Katie2981 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! I am like so sorry! I have been really tired and I forgot and i wasn’t even up in time! I am so sorry!

  5. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    My site will be shut down if I have another not cool person cuss on it. It will be gone forever. So if you view my blog, you have to promise me not to cuss or you will be banned from my site.

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