Get 11 Solitaire High Score!


As you may already know, there is a new game in the Arcade. It’s called Get 11 Solitaire, and I’ve been playing non-stop. I got an awesome high score! Look at the pic and it says all!

Oops it seems that I can’t upload pictures right now.




6 Responses to “Get 11 Solitaire High Score!”

  1. webkinzfanz101 Says:

    Hi! I’d like to tell YOU to go to . Can’t WAIT to see you there! 🙂
    webkinzfanz101 💡

  2. webkinzluver212 Says:

    Hi yoshigirl will you please put me on your blogroll. My site is

  3. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    i got a score of 2500 but i stink at solitaire so ya i know…its a wimpy high score

  4. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    I GOT 7,000!

  5. cipmaniac9054 Says:

    im giving away a superbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    WOOHOO I GOT 13,000!

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