On our way to 20,000 hits!


Get these comments to win some cool items!










And don’t forget to goto my new site: http://www.webkinzmania.wordpress.com !


52 Responses to “On our way to 20,000 hits!”

  1. yanksrul Says:


  2. yanksrul Says:

    i m going to win

  3. yanksrul Says:

    yea i m

  4. yanksrul Says:

    1 more. lol

  5. yanksrul Says:


  6. yanksrul Says:


  7. yanksrul Says:

    i hope i win lots o prizes

  8. yanksrul Says:

    im bored and lonley

  9. yanksrul Says:


  10. yanksrul Says:

    where is everyone?

  11. yanksrul Says:

    i wonder what ill get

  12. yanksrul Says:

    im going once i get 15

  13. yanksrul Says:


  14. yanksrul Says:


  15. yanksrul Says:

    finally. and dont forget to go to webkinzkids blog plz!

  16. katie2981 Says:


  17. katie2981 Says:

    anybody on right now

  18. katie2981 Says:

    it is storming at my house

  19. katie2981 Says:

    this is fun

  20. katie2981 Says:

    yay i won

  21. katie2981 Says:

    hey that rymed

  22. katie2981 Says:

    i like cows

  23. katie2981 Says:

    i like red cows

  24. katie2981 Says:

    i like brown cows

  25. katie2981 Says:

    cows go moo i won again yay

  26. yoshigirl97 Says:

    If anyone is here, I’ll do some trivia

  27. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    Camels go moo

  28. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    camels have humps

  29. Hannah Says:

    i want to be comment 35!

  30. litlex Says:

    You have to go to 45 next right?

  31. litlex Says:

    is anyone here?

  32. litlex Says:

    what are the rules?

  33. litlex Says:

    my user name is k17p19.

  34. litlex Says:

    how many times can you win?

  35. litlex Says:

    Does anyone know about the surprise on webkinz world?

  36. litlex Says:

    ooops forgot to put the date it is 6/28/08.. I hope it is a springfest.

  37. litlex Says:

    is anyone around?

  38. litlex Says:

    did I mention user name is k17p19..

  39. litlex Says:


  40. litlex Says:

    imperial table today 6/23/08 at 5 pm usa kinztime.

  41. litlex Says:

    Hey anyone around?

    Did everyone get tokens this weekend?

  42. litlex Says:

    I missed sunday, got saturday.

    One token away from the outhouse I want.. lol

  43. litlex Says:

    wow this seems so slow..

  44. litlex Says:

    I don’t like to talk to myself

    Anyone around.

  45. litlex Says:

    Just noticed other blog to look at will go there..

    User name is k17p19.

  46. litlex Says:

    Well just went ot other at the top and nothing since 2007.

  47. litlex Says:

    anyone around?

  48. litlex Says:

    Hello please I am so bored..

  49. litlex Says:

    Okay, I will try to come back later..

  50. litlex Says:

    User name is k17p19..


  51. libby459 Says:

    good job litlex!

  52. Foxy Says:

    ok im gonna get aim for 100 i guess….

    check out my site! http://foxythefox.blogspot.com

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