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New comment contest

May 28, 2008

The old comment contest is over! Here is a new comment contest. But most of the people for the last contest did not R.S.V.P for their prizes so I can’t send them. Lucky and Katie, tell me what you won and I’ll send it.

1 random comment will get a random prize!

Go for it!


Site Mascot…

May 19, 2008

Sorry guys, Site Mascot is cancelled! No site mascots.



May 19, 2008

So Friday night, my mom took us to Carlton Cards to get my sister a Velvety Elephant because she really wanted one. While she was getting one, I considered getting a Chicken, and I did! So I paid for my Chicken. We were in the car, brainstorming names. My sister named her Velvety Elephant Trumpet. I decided to name my Chicken Ryan, after my cousin who lives in Castlegar, a long drive from my house. So yeah! Ryan the chicken!



To Minerva…

May 15, 2008

Dear Minerva,

I have not been able to be keeping up on my contests. If by any chance you can give me your winners and your username on webkinz, I will send prizes soon!




May 9, 2008

Hello! This post is to tell you that I’m going on vacation. I’ll be gone until Sunday night. šŸ˜¦Ā  We’re going to 108 Mile House for a weddingĀ and we won’t have any internet connection. So I can’t update or check on the site. But I’ll post some kooky pictures of Mario and Webkinz things after the trip.

yoshi :mrgreen:

If you want your prizes…

May 3, 2008

If you did win something in my comment contest, you NEED to add yoshigirl97 on webkinz by May 6th or I will have to give your prize away in another contest. Remember, yoshigirl97 is my webkinz username.

yoshi :mrgreen: