Comment Contest


Here’s a comment contest! But first…Rules!

1 No spamming

2 Each comment must be at least 2 words

3 You CAN trade here

4 Have fun!


Comment 12: Queen Marie Periwig Won by Mswillow2u. Add yoshigirl97

Comment 35: Retired Unicorn, Love Puppy and Raccoon food Won by Lucky. Add yoshigirl97

Comment 50: Bee Costume Won by ashwebkinz. Add yoshigirl97

Comment 75: Simon Costume and Waffles

Comment 100: 2 Cinammon Hearts, Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Pop

Comment 120: Zangoz TCG and POTM Chocolate Ribbon

More Prizes!

Comment 150: 1 stove from the W-Shop

Comment 170: 1 stove and 1 lamp from the W-Shop

Comment 200: 6 Love Puppy foods, 6 Raccoon Foods and 6 Unicorn Foods

And please advertise because I will give a prize for most advertising!


207 Responses to “Comment Contest”

  1. cipmaniac9054 Says:

    1st comment

  2. cipmaniac9054 Says:

    sooooooo nobody here

  3. cipmaniac9054 Says:

    well i guess…

  4. cipmaniac9054 Says:

    ill talk to myself

  5. yoshigirl97 Says:


  6. yanksrul Says:


  7. mswillow2u Says:

    Hi peeps

  8. mswillow2u Says:


  9. mswillow2u Says:

    watcha doin

  10. mswillow2u Says:

    Yo, yo, yo

  11. mswillow2u Says:

    I ♥ chocolate

  12. mswillow2u Says:

    I ♥ pie

  13. mswillow2u Says:

    candy is cool

  14. Groovydudes Says:


    I have to get off the PC now-mom will kill me in minutes… lol


  15. lucky323465 Says:

    Hi everyone!!

  16. lucky323465 Says:

    please say yes to my comments

  17. lucky323465 Says:

    can u please add my blog to ur blogroll

  18. lucky323465 Says:

    my site is, hope u come and visit and leave a comment

  19. lucky323465 Says:

    i like ur blog!!

  20. lucky323465 Says:

    i like entering comment contest!

  21. lucky323465 Says:

    15 more comments!! i will keep commenting to get there

  22. lucky323465 Says:

    i really want the retired pet foods

  23. lucky323465 Says:

    please please be me i really want it badly!!

  24. lucky323465 Says:

    i hope u say yes to my comments!!

  25. lucky323465 Says:

    please add me to ur friend list on webkinz

  26. lucky323465 Says:

    my username on webkinz is lucky323465

  27. lucky323465 Says:

    i always send a new friend a gift full of food

  28. lucky323465 Says:

    look how close i am i’m getting excited!!

  29. lucky323465 Says:

    has anyone entered the beauty pagent??

  30. lucky323465 Says:

    i have i saw my enter going on the line thingy

  31. lucky323465 Says:

    i didnt win anything though

  32. lucky323465 Says:

    O well i’ll keep trying to enter

  33. lucky323465 Says:

    but when ever i try to enter it always says please wait n it takes forever to load

  34. lucky323465 Says:

    it annoyes me soo much

  35. lucky323465 Says:

    i have lots of friends on webkinz!!

  36. lucky323465 Says:

    yay i won please add lucky323465 and send to it thanks!!!

  37. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    I have advertised on 10 sites!

  38. SarahEOlson Says:

    anyone here???

  39. SarahEOlson Says:

    no one is here

  40. SarahEOlson Says:

    well bye hten

  41. SarahEOlson Says:

    l bye bye!!!!!

  42. ashwebkinz Says:


  43. ashwebkinz Says:

    that would be so cool to win the bee costume !

  44. ashwebkinz Says:

    i just made a blog the other day and ia m having a contest to

  45. ashwebkinz Says:

    check it out it is

  46. ashwebkinz Says:

    YOu could win or anyone that goes there and some fo the things are very good !

  47. ashwebkinz Says:

    this ocntest is wicked cool

  48. ashwebkinz Says:

    i’m almost threr yay i really wnat the bee costume

  49. ashwebkinz Says:

    what is your favorite webkinz ?

  50. ashwebkinz Says:

    i love the yellow lab

  51. ashwebkinz Says:

    yay i won !

  52. ashwebkinz Says:

    my username ashleybabii101

  53. ashwebkinz Says:

    thanks !

  54. puamana Says:

    aloha, anyone here?

  55. yoshigirl97 Says:

    wow rose!

  56. avrilisawsome Says:


  57. avrilisawsome Says:

    its pretty warm!

  58. Comment Contest Update! « Yoshigirl97’s Webkinz and Nintendo Blog Says:

    […] Remember, you still have to comment on the original post: […]

  59. lucky323465 Says:

    i added u yoshi

  60. lucky323465 Says:

    please say yes to it

  61. lucky323465 Says:

    i really want the simon costume

  62. lucky323465 Says:

    i hope i win!!

  63. lucky323465 Says:

    i dont like talking to myself

  64. lucky323465 Says:

    does anyone like my new avater??

  65. lucky323465 Says:

    webkinzheaders101 made it for me(emily)

  66. lucky323465 Says:

    my favourite webkinz are

  67. lucky323465 Says:

    The Duck!1

  68. lucky323465 Says:

    The Penguin

  69. lucky323465 Says:

    and much more

  70. lucky323465 Says:

    i think that the duck and penguin are

  71. lucky323465 Says:

    soooo cute!!! i love them

  72. lucky323465 Says:

    i might get a penguin later (webkinz)

  73. lucky323465 Says:

    look how close i am

  74. lucky323465 Says:

    only a few more comments

  75. lucky323465 Says:

    i can do it

  76. lucky323465 Says:

    yay i win send to lucky please

  77. yoshigirl97 Says:

    hi lucky, want to trade

  78. yoshigirl97 Says:

    do you have POTM items?

  79. yoshigirl97 Says:


  80. lucky323465 Says:

    i have the new one

  81. lucky323465 Says:

    did u get my friend requst yet??

  82. lucky323465 Says:

    i guess u left

  83. lucky323465 Says:

    i’ll just keep commenting then

  84. lucky323465 Says:

    i’m kinda hungry

  85. lucky323465 Says:

    maybe i should get something to eat

  86. lucky323465 Says:

    what should i eat

  87. lucky323465 Says:

    i dont know

  88. lucky323465 Says:

    whats there to eat

  89. lucky323465 Says:

    walking to fridge

  90. lucky323465 Says:

    opening the fridge

  91. lucky323465 Says:

    looking in to the fridge

  92. lucky323465 Says:

    deciding what to eat

  93. lucky323465 Says:

    walks back to the computer

  94. lucky323465 Says:

    types for the comment contest

  95. lucky323465 Says:

    looks at what comment number i’m on

  96. lucky323465 Says:

    looks at what comment number wins

  97. lucky323465 Says:

    types down number 100 wins

  98. lucky323465 Says:

    ask if anybody is on??

  99. lucky323465 Says:

    starts to think nobodys on

  100. lucky323465 Says:

    says that i win and tell yoshie to send to lucky323465

  101. lucky323465 Says:

    lol that was fun

  102. mswillow2u Says:

    My phone won’t work. I’m gonna start a new account so when i do ill email you the account user.

  103. mswillow2u Says:


  104. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    Wow yoshi :mrgreen:

  105. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    oh and lucky, it’s yoshi. Y-O-S-H-I yoshi :mrgreen:

    This is my signature:

  106. Naki95 Says:

    Hi Everyone!

  107. mochababe Says:

    what is zangoz tcg???

  108. SarahEOlson Says:

    ANYONE HERE??????????

  109. SarahEOlson Says:

    Oh well!

  110. SarahEOlson Says:

    i lv this blog

  111. SarahEOlson Says:

    lv this blog

  112. SarahEOlson Says:

    it rocks!!!!

  113. SarahEOlson Says:

    oh yes it does!!!!

  114. SarahEOlson Says:

    i hope i win!!!

  115. SarahEOlson Says:

    please me!!!!!!!!!!

  116. SarahEOlson Says:

    omg this is exciting!!!!!!

  117. SarahEOlson Says:

    please oh please me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. SarahEOlson Says:

    oh please me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. SarahEOlson Says:

    omg omg omg wow!

  120. SarahEOlson Says:

    i think i might win!!!!!!!

  121. SarahEOlson Says:

    here we go!

  122. SarahEOlson Says:

    i want this

  123. SarahEOlson Says:

    YAY OMG YAY!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!! MY USERNAME IS SarahEOlson thx!

  124. Chocolate1121 Says:

    how are

  125. Chocolate1121 Says:

    you people?

  126. Chocolate1121 Says:

    i am

  127. Chocolate1121 Says:

    good today…

  128. Chocolate1121 Says:

    i am bored right now…

  129. Chocolate1121 Says:

    I am doing the charm forest…

  130. Chocolate1121 Says:

    darn, i got sap glop!!

  131. Chocolate1121 Says:

    you cant even keep sap glop!

  132. Chocolate1121 Says:

    im going to play pinks adventure ok?

  133. Chocolate1121 Says:

    I got to level 6

  134. Chocolate1121 Says:

    and my final score was 1,778!

  135. Chocolate1121 Says:

    and i got 23 kinzcash

  136. Chocolate1121 Says:

    if i win i would like the…

  137. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Stylish Elements Stove

  138. Chocolate1121 Says:

    its in the condo room theme!

  139. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Then , i can sell it for 485 coins!

  140. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  141. Chocolate1121 Says:

    I am going to play a game at the Employe office. BRB

  142. Chocolate1121 Says:

    cool! I got 100 kinzcash!

  143. Chocolate1121 Says:

    i love dice kinz, im really good at it.

  144. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Im playing it right now.

  145. Chocolate1121 Says:

    im winning

  146. Chocolate1121 Says:

    By a lot!

  147. Chocolate1121 Says:

    ahhhh! its a tie!

  148. Chocolate1121 Says:

    nvm, im 1 ahead

  149. Chocolate1121 Says:

    omg! There 1 ahead!!!

  150. Chocolate1121 Says:

    nooooooooo! they won 😥

  151. Chocolate1121 Says:

    oh well, at least im going to get a stove!

  152. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Yay! I would like the Stylish Element stove and please add me, funnybunny7111 then send please! thanks!

  153. Jake Says:

    hi guys

  154. Jake Says:

    well i am in moderation

  155. Jake Says:

    that is too bad

  156. jake Says:

    welll i am back

  157. jake Says:

    hello world

  158. Jake Says:

    well i am tired

  159. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Hi people. I love this blog, it is awesome!

  160. Chocolate1121 Says:

    well, it says there are 142 comments so ill go till 150 okay?

  161. Chocolate1121 Says:

    I have this creapy locket.

  162. Chocolate1121 Says:

    It is really really weird.

  163. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Yay! some one is on webkinz right now!

  164. Chocolate1121 Says:

    It is cyklo…

  165. Chocolate1121 Says:

    wow only 3 more comments. I really want the stove. How did you think of the number 97?

  166. Chocolate1121 Says:

    well, how did i think of the number 1121? well, it was hard!!

  167. Chocolate1121 Says:

    yay! Please send me a stove. Please send me the most expensive stove in the W-Shop okay?


  168. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Like my name? Chocolate1121!

  169. Chocolate1121 Says:

    Please send to Funnybunny7111


  170. SAsammygirl123 Says:

    Hi, peoples! What’s Up? Ummmm…..oh yeah well I never exactly been here before….yay….soooo…(coughing)….!

  171. SAsammygirl123 Says:

    Well, you know I was just on Rose’s blog and I read the name of this under the blogroll list. Ummmm…….well then I saw that thing about the Love Puppy food and I was wondering if I give my webkinz username could we become friends and you could send me some? Don’t worry I’m not that kind of person who just takes and doesn’t give back you! Okay I’ll give 1 Black Fresian food, 1 Gorilla Food, and 1 Yellow Lab Food!

  172. SAsammygirl123 Says:

    In exchange for 2 Love Puppy Food…PLEASE? By the way my user name on Webkinz World is SAsammygirl. Please think about at least?

  173. katie2981 Says:

    did u find ur site mascot

  174. lucky323465 Says:

    Hey again

  175. lucky323465 Says:

    this contest is still going??

  176. webkinzkid Says:

    whowants to trade?

  177. webkinzkid Says:

    who wants to trade??

  178. webkinzkid Says:

    who has potms?

  179. katie2981 Says:

    HI!!what is up in your life today peoples!

  180. katie2981 Says:

    anyone there?

  181. katie2981 Says:

    Did anyone see david cook on american idol he was so awesome!

  182. katie2981 Says:

    i can’t believe carly got voted of can u

  183. katie2981 Says:

    does anyone here even watch american idol

  184. katie2981 Says:

    i went to the webkinz extravaganza and got 3 new webkinz

  185. katie2981 Says:

    i got the lion, the tiger, and the bengal tiger

  186. katie2981 Says:

    I named the lion Mufasa

  187. katie2981 Says:

    and i named the tiger Alex ( it is a girl)

  188. katie2981 Says:

    and finally i named the bengal tiger Amber

  189. katie2981 Says:

    Please do not take those names

  190. katie2981 Says:

    now i have 48 webkinz

  191. katie2981 Says:

    i only need 2 more to get another superbed!

  192. katie2981 Says:

    only webkinz are really expensive in my area

  193. katie2981 Says:

    i think they are like 15 dollars !

  194. katie2981 Says:

    does anyone have a littlest pet shop vip?

  195. katie2981 Says:

    i have one it is a penguin

  196. katie2981 Says:

    i named it Waddles

  197. katie2981 Says:

    almost to comment 200!

  198. katie2981 Says:

    only two more comments!

  199. katie2981 Says:

    only one more comment!

  200. katie2981 Says:

    COMMEnt 200! yes!

  201. katie2981 Says:

    my wwid is Katie2981 but i think u are on my friends list

  202. katie2981 Says:

    wait nvm what is ur username yoshi?

  203. djmn482 Says:

    HEY who ever goes to this blog is enterted to win a Rare item on webkinz

  204. djmn482 Says:

    hey go to this website and get a webkinz rare item

  205. djmn482 Says:


  206. djmn482 Says:


  207. Says: [url=PARIS HILTON NUDE][/url] [url= PARIS HILTON NUDE ] [/url]

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