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Claim your prize!

April 26, 2008

If you won something in my comment contest please claim your prizes here. This is what you do:

You tell me the prize, comment number and your username, and I’ll send it to you.



Comment Contest Update!

April 20, 2008

Sorry to pull you away from my comment contest, but I added some more prizes! Check it out!

Comment 150: 1 stove from the W-Shop

Comment 170: 1 stove and 1 lamp from the W-Shop

Comment 200: 6 Love Puppy Foods, 6 Unicorn Foods, 6 Raccoon Foods

Remember, you still have to comment on the original post:

There’s the link! Have a great time trying to win!

Comment Contest

April 19, 2008

Here’s a comment contest! But first…Rules!

1 No spamming

2 Each comment must be at least 2 words

3 You CAN trade here

4 Have fun!


Comment 12: Queen Marie Periwig Won by Mswillow2u. Add yoshigirl97

Comment 35: Retired Unicorn, Love Puppy and Raccoon food Won by Lucky. Add yoshigirl97

Comment 50: Bee Costume Won by ashwebkinz. Add yoshigirl97

Comment 75: Simon Costume and Waffles

Comment 100: 2 Cinammon Hearts, Birthday Cake and Pumpkin Pop

Comment 120: Zangoz TCG and POTM Chocolate Ribbon

More Prizes!

Comment 150: 1 stove from the W-Shop

Comment 170: 1 stove and 1 lamp from the W-Shop

Comment 200: 6 Love Puppy foods, 6 Raccoon Foods and 6 Unicorn Foods

And please advertise because I will give a prize for most advertising!


Some pics I made

April 17, 2008

Hearts: Why hello! I’m Heartz Star.  Waddles: Can I have your autograph?

BFFS! The black lab is my sis’.


Hope you like them

Goodbye Avril and Webkinzkid

April 14, 2008

Paper Mario Header/Site mascot but different

April 6, 2008

Here’s my new header. I made it all Paper Mario because I post normally on this blog about Webkinz. But this blog will still be a webkinz blog and nintendo blog. And if you’re wondering where I made this header, I made it on Powerpoint, then I took a screenshot of it, saved it as a Jpeg file and bam! It’s on my blog.

Now, I need a site mascot. But before you tell me your idea, I have to tell you, it will be a Nintendo mascot. If you love this one Nintendo Character, then tell me your character along with a picture of this character on a comment. A link to the pic will be fine. On April 20th, I will put all the names of the characters on, and the winner will get a surprise on Webkinz World. And their character will be put on all headers that I make. You may only enter one character. So think of some characters, because if I don’t get more than 4 entries, no prize and no mascot.




April 5, 2008

I would like to thank everyone who visits this blog. Because when I went to google, I typed in Webkinz WordPress Blogs, and this blog was the first on the list! You can try this search here: 

Thanks for this major accomplishment!

~Webkinz Kid