Bad News and Good News and Earth Hour


In my family, I had a Betta fish named Bubbles. He was a fussy fish and he would hardly eat anything. This morning, he died. I didn’t kill him. He was old and he wouldn’t eat very much. He also got sick. Now I am very, very sad. I had to flush him down the toilet, and I was crying for so long. I won’t be able to see him again. But he’s with God and God will take care of him. I’m just really sad to see him go…   😥

The good news is, that Game On *finally* got in Paper Mario for N64. And my mom is going to pay for it. I’m going to pay her back! I want that game so bad!

And Earth Hour. I changed my theme to Black for Earth Hour. (For you that have different time zones, it’s 8:00 at my house, so Earth Hour!) I hope you turned your lights out during Earth Hour!


10 Responses to “Bad News and Good News and Earth Hour”

  1. clareloveswebkinz Says:

    aww 😥 😥 Im so very sorry! I have a betta fish too! He wouldnt eat for 2 weeks and he still sint himself either! sounds alot like Bubbles. Mines name is Rainbow. HE won’t move but he still eats. HE would just stay in the same spot for days and my and mom thought he was dead , i cried for like an hour. he used to swim all around- not anymore. Well R.I.P. BUbbles Rainbow will be joining you soon. 😦

    yoshi will u plz go to my blog- ? Please and leave a comment. I love comments- and yet do not recive masny. Please help me out, thanks!
    My sympathy lies within you,
    Clare ( clareloveswebkinz)

  2. canterwind (monkeyluv171) Says:

    we used to have 7 fish 😥 (6 bettas 1 goldfish in seprate bowls) they all only lived for about 4 weeks (except for the goldfish, goldi, she died in the bag…)

    True Stories
    Goldi’s Story:
    My mom, my older sister and I wanted more fish because all of our bettas died, so we went to Petco. They were all out of bettas but still had a beautiful shimmering goldfish. Mom said that we could get her so, we paid for her (not for Mom, the fish) and the man at the counter put the fish in a bag filled with clear water. As we got into the car, my sister and I named the fish Goldi. We drove for about 5 minutes and then stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. As we were in the drive through, my sister noticed that the fish was floating upside-down… DEAD! We didn’t know how it happend, my sis was very gentle with the bag and we weren’t going over any bumpy roads… But somehow… IT HAPPENED!

    Now Mom won’t let me get any more fish because, “We’re not good with fish.”
    😥 😦

  3. canterwind (monkeyluv171) Says:

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  4. webkinz lover Says:

    I’m sorry Yoshi. That’s so sad 😥

  5. warsheep Says:

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  6. warsheep Says:

    thats so sad!

  7. kinzlove Says:

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  8. SarahEOlson Says:

    Sorry to here that!!!!

  9. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    Sorry i wasn’t here 4 the past couple days. my family and i went to disneyland. they sold webkinz there! mom let me buy a velvety elephant (Heffi) and a himalayian (tinker bell) tink was my 20th pet. heffi was my 21st .tink has a rosebed

  10. mochababe Says:

    catwind, the reason the goldfish died was because you lef tit in the car. It probably ran out of oxygen or got overheated. That once happened to these frogs I had in a far – I was outside with them, and one minute they’re as happy as froggies can be and just 5 minuted later I decide to play with them, so I open the jar and it’s all the sudden super-hot and all of them seemed dead! actually, all of them WERE dead, except for one, which almost died but I poured cold water over it and performed frog CPR with my pinkie and it began to move! true story btw. 😉

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