Time to clean up…


Time to clean up the old blog. 

I’m deleting the Webkinz Tails. If you want a copy of Happy Birthday? then post your email in a comment here.

And my header buisness will be moved to kinheaders1.wordpress.com so no header orders here.

I’m still trying to make the blog better! 

yoshi    🙂

5 Responses to “Time to clean up…”

  1. webkinzrose1128 Says:

    hannah1128@gmail.com send me a copy please

  2. penguinnator Says:

    hey wat up u have a REALLY popular blog dont u???????? mines not…. could u maybey put mt blog site on ur blog roll??? plz?? my site is http://penguinnator.wordpress.com/ thx

  3. penguinnator Says:

    oh ya there is also a contest at my blog get there soon it ends TODAY!!

  4. cheekymonkie444 Says:

    send me a copy please. joe69267@hotmail.com

  5. malaika7604 Says:


    Gymbo’s blog is having another comment contest

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