LOL contest update!

Here’s my LOL giveaway! To enter, follow these steps:

-Post your username on webkinz

-You can only enter ONCE

-To be eligible for the prize, you must post a link to something you find funny and that made you LOL.

-For 5 extra entries, post a link to my blog on your blog and tell 2 friends about this contest. On the comments, tell me which 2 friends you told and your blog link.

The winner will recieve a mystery prize.

An example entry:

Comment 1:

My username is yoshigirl97. My link is, and when you’re there, watch the Wizard Swears movie. That’s what made me LOL! My blog link is I told my friends Webkinzkid and Elmtree.


P.S : Check out and watch Wizard Swears. OMG I swear I LOL’d so much I fell off my chair. LOL!  :laugh:

Here’s who is eligible so far!:





Hurry! Contest ends Easter Sunday! Prize is front row tickets to Lulu Duck and her band’s concert and a loot bag!

3 Responses to “LOL contest update!”

  1. funnymunky Says:

    my username is funkfrogz

  2. carrie Says:

    mine is my user is hotmail737. my two friends are hannah loveable50 ang jessie rootbeersoda

  3. webkinz lover Says:

    I would like to enter. I am MillieMay13

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