Blue Google?!?!?!


Well, I was looking around on the Crafty Critters page, and I clicked on the recpie Googles Noodles and the picture looked like this:


Isn’t that clearly a Blue Google? You may use this picture with my permission and only if you ask and if you tell your readers where you got it from. I’m not sure if I’m the first to post about a Blue Google, but I hope so!


P.S : If you know anything about the blue google, tell me!

33 Responses to “Blue Google?!?!?!”

  1. ~♥Webkinzrcool1♥~ Says:

    it possibly could have beent he color of light it was under. or the camera. idk

  2. cheekymonkie444 Says:

    yeah because there are those violet lights so it might have been that. either that or someone from a ganz had an unreleased blue google and didnt have a regular google so decided to use their blue google for the picture instead! LoL

  3. Rose1128 Says:

    It was the camera flash, To proove it I just took a picture of my brothers google and in the preview it was blue too

  4. canterwind (monkeyluv171) Says:

    yeah it could of been the light… they are coming out with a pink google in june though…

  5. canterwind (monkeyluv171) Says:

    a blue google would be a good idea!

  6. webkinz lover Says:

    They could have died it blue

  7. avrilisawsome Says:

    also they might of paintied there google blue so it would look good with the food!

  8. ~♥Webkinzrcool1♥~ Says:

    I still think it was light color. They might not have used normal light color so its confusing to us. They might have used only blue light instead of like, red green and blue.

  9. limekinz Says:

    i dont think its a blue google i think its either they way the person set the camera or the light

  10. yoshigirl97 Says:

    oh well. but a blue google would be cool!

  11. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    yeah they should make googles in all sorts of colors

  12. iceskater4ever Says:

    Woah, that is so cool! Theyre making a pink googles as seen in go go googles, but i havnt heard ne thing about a blue one!

    ~ ♥ice skater♥

  13. pupyluv6737 Says:

    its true there is a blue google coming out! Threres also a pink googles! My uncles friend works for Ganz and i got the 411 LOL

  14. pupyluv6737 Says:

    oh srry i dit read ice scaters comment but they have this new machine and there expirementing with differnt colors they come with the same exclusive but in differnt colors!

  15. miley Says:

    Yeah, it was the light and darkness. So clearly, it wasn’t!

  16. agentLOVE456 Says:

    Maybe they used food coloring or paint…. I don’t think a blue googles is even in the retired section. Maybe it was a problem with the camera.

  17. agentLOVE456 Says:

    but even if it is coming out how do they have it RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  18. luinwenne Says:

    Its the lighting.On one of are members found the same picture.Everyone agreed that it was the lighting although I’m still posting the picture during my research.

  19. Younster1 Says:

    acording to the wiki answers the blue google is coming out for MAy 2009

  20. Delilah&Cody777 Says:

    Hello everyone!!! I’m so glad to talk to everyone (well technically not TALK)!!!! Firstly, people want to comment on my name, Delilah&Cody777. My real name is Cheyenne, and Delilah is my first webkinz. Cody is my big brother, who was killed in a car crash at the age of 5, when I was 2, in 1999. I AM NOT LYING!!! God knows and my Angel Bro, Co, a.k.a Cody, knows he’s my brother. Even my other big brother, Trystan (who was 3 when the crash happened), knows Cody was our brother. Now, he’s our Angel Bro, Co. They were like, best buddies, until I came along in 1997. Anyway, I don’t think that the lighting is the problem. Otherwise, those tomatoes would be blue too. Thanks for considering my comments.

  21. Delilah&Cody777 Says:

    Oh, sorry everyone, you guys didn’t know yet that the blue googles is coming out soon! I was not yet aware of the posting date! I guess it is the lighting, or they used a PhotoDJ to make the googles blue. Unless, which I highly doubt, the poster-person had ties to a Ganz worker who had a blue googles given out! Does anybody even go on here anymore???

  22. Autumnj98 Says:

    If you go to webkinz news it would tell you all the new ones if you click the botton above sneakpeeks.

  23. pooky Says:

    There is a webkinz blue google coming out in May 2009. I have a picture of it on my desktop. Go to and click on future webkinz. You can see a picture.

  24. catlynn&Syd Says:

    Hi, yall i have a webkinz account that i dont use anymore, i have like 15 animals on it and all the super beds, and i have like 15 rarrrre items, and soo many more things, i am giving it away because i switched to buildabearville. i have a blog about it it’s called.
    comment on there on the comment page if your interested. also if your interested in buildabearville i will meet you there and give you a tour.
    love catlynn

  25. bonnagirl11 Says:

    the blue google will come out may 2009 hope this helps go to webkinzinsider of kootykinz

  26. bananadf Says:


  27. bananadf Says:

    😦 🙂 :#

  28. bana Says:


  29. Rielle Says:

    I only have five, because my dog keeps eating them.

  30. case Says:

    i have 1 so shut up!

  31. case Says:

    1st WHAT THE HECK IS A WEBKIN 2nd limekinz how can a camara mess UP huh! 3rd rielle what webkinz did your dog eat?4th good delilah&cody777 i belive. bye

  32. Googles Says:

    There is too a blue googles and and I have one too! By the way a good name for a blue googles is Bloogles, so if you need a name there is one for you! I love the blue googles and got it on May 1st!

  33. halep keçisi Says:

    halep keçisi…

    […]Blue Google?!?!?! « Yoshigirl97′s Webkinz and Nintendo Blog[…]…

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