My newest header!


Hey guys,

Do you like my new header? The background is from Super Paper Mario. Rate it!

1- I hate it

2- I sort of hate it

3- It’s okay

4- I like it

5- I love it!


10 Responses to “My newest header!”

  1. webkinzrose1128 Says:


  2. yoshigirl97 Says:


  3. lanagirl112 Says:


  4. i cant say who i am Says:


  5. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    4 But your old one :

  6. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    yoshigirl, how do u get the icon next 2 your comments?

  7. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    yoshi, u should make a my ‘kinz page like hayley has

  8. SarahEOlson Says:


  9. Pat Turnbucket Says:

    plz go to and like 2

  10. mswillow2u Says:

    2. Sorry, I mean you have a cool blog…but…yeah.

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