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Bad News and Good News and Earth Hour

March 30, 2008

In my family, I had a Betta fish named Bubbles. He was a fussy fish and he would hardly eat anything. This morning, he died. I didn’t kill him. He was old and he wouldn’t eat very much. He also got sick. Now I am very, very sad. I had to flush him down the toilet, and I was crying for so long. I won’t be able to see him again. But he’s with God and God will take care of him. I’m just really sad to see him go…   😥

The good news is, that Game On *finally* got in Paper Mario for N64. And my mom is going to pay for it. I’m going to pay her back! I want that game so bad!

And Earth Hour. I changed my theme to Black for Earth Hour. (For you that have different time zones, it’s 8:00 at my house, so Earth Hour!) I hope you turned your lights out during Earth Hour!


Take the Quiz about me!

March 30, 2008

Take the quiz about me! It’s on the Blogroll!

Time to clean up…

March 27, 2008

Time to clean up the old blog. 

I’m deleting the Webkinz Tails. If you want a copy of Happy Birthday? then post your email in a comment here.

And my header buisness will be moved to so no header orders here.

I’m still trying to make the blog better! 

yoshi    🙂

To: Rose!

March 25, 2008

rose.jpg To Rose! Welcome to WordPress! Here’s your header! Hope you like it.

Your buddy yoshi

New header!

March 24, 2008

Do you like my header? I made it Mario and Webkinz again. I hope it’s better than the other ones. I used sprites from Super Mario Bros. and I made it so it had hardly any white spots. Tell me what you think!


LOL Contest Winner!

March 23, 2008

Congrats to our lucky LOL contest winner. Congrats minervascupcake! Here’s a twist with the tickets. Pick 3 of your webkinz friends and tell them to R.S.V.P on my blog. When they’ve all rsvp’d on my blog including you, then I’ll tell you when the concert is. And your 3 webkinz friends will get a gift bag too!

Congrats minerva!


Happy Easter! (Almost, for me at least)

March 23, 2008

Happy Easter readers! It’s not actually Easter here, but almost! I made you all an Easter Card, to say, well Happy Easter!


Have a great easter. Hope you get some candy!


Blue Google?!?!?!

March 21, 2008

Well, I was looking around on the Crafty Critters page, and I clicked on the recpie Googles Noodles and the picture looked like this:


Isn’t that clearly a Blue Google? You may use this picture with my permission and only if you ask and if you tell your readers where you got it from. I’m not sure if I’m the first to post about a Blue Google, but I hope so!


P.S : If you know anything about the blue google, tell me!

LOL contest update!

March 21, 2008
Here’s my LOL giveaway! To enter, follow these steps:

-Post your username on webkinz

-You can only enter ONCE

-To be eligible for the prize, you must post a link to something you find funny and that made you LOL.

-For 5 extra entries, post a link to my blog on your blog and tell 2 friends about this contest. On the comments, tell me which 2 friends you told and your blog link.

The winner will recieve a mystery prize.

An example entry:

Comment 1:

My username is yoshigirl97. My link is, and when you’re there, watch the Wizard Swears movie. That’s what made me LOL! My blog link is I told my friends Webkinzkid and Elmtree.


P.S : Check out and watch Wizard Swears. OMG I swear I LOL’d so much I fell off my chair. LOL!  :laugh:

Here’s who is eligible so far!:





Hurry! Contest ends Easter Sunday! Prize is front row tickets to Lulu Duck and her band’s concert and a loot bag!

My new band/LOL contest update!

March 21, 2008

In my webkinz family, a new band has been formed. It’s the Lulu Duck band. It has Lulu, Spencer, Todd and Patches. I’ll update this later.


 It’s sorta like Hilary Duff and her band. (She doesn’t have a band, but her instrumentals and backup singers.)

Lulu: Lead singer

Spencer: Drummer,back-up singer

Patches: Keyboard, back-up singer

Todd: Guitar

And a note, the LOL contest is ending Easter Sunday. The prize is front row Lulu Duck tickets! And a gift bag!