I would like you to meet Patches…My Black and White Cheeky Dog! Here’s the whole story…

Well yesterday morning, I was walking to school with my sis. We left early from my house because I live near Esquires, and they had some NEW webkinz there. So we went into the shop. I looked at the rack and I saw a puffy nose sticking out from under other pets. It was the very last Cheeky Dog there! But my sister and I were going to be late for school so we left. When our mom came with my band stuff, I asked her if I could buy it. She said “Y,(Can’t use real name) after band, we can go. If it’s still there…then you can have it.” So during school, Writestretch and band, I was waiting to meet my dog.

After band, we went to Esquires. I ran in with my wallet and looked for him. He wasn’t there. Then I saw his ears and nose. I picked him off the rack and hugged him. Then i paid for him. My sister was there too. But she fell in love with a kangaroo. She asked me “Y, do you have some more money?” I said, “K I’m sorry, I have only change.” She was sad. But then my mom bought it for her and she had to pay her back. But I had my Patches.

When I adopted him…I got a 1000 kinzcash coin. No new exclusives. Oh well. 🙄                                                        Webkinz 2008 Feb Black & White Cheeky Dog Pre-Order


3 Responses to “Meet…”

  1. webkinzrose1128 Says:


  2. SarahEOlson Says:

    yea cute! 😆

  3. canterwind(monkeyluv171) Says:

    1000 kinz cach is still good. i wanted to buy a b&w c. dog (19th pet) but mom said, ” canterwind, (can’t use real name either) you have enough webkinz. u should save your $$ on something better” I have to admit, it was sad, but at leat b4 i was able to buy a kangaroo, pink pony, clysdale, black stalion, and a duck w/ my $$$. my username is monkeyluv171 as u can c

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