To all you webkinz header sites/A tribute to Groovy


Here’s a message to all you webkinz header sites…

Webkinzrcool and leyley, I know you’re claiming that you started this whole header stuff…but it really shouldn’t be a big deal that people copy you. I think it would be an honor if someone thought to use your idea. But copying without permission is still wrong.

The rest of these new sites, I think you should have asked Webkinzrcool and leyley for permission first. I mean, I’ve been copied before, and when you know someone who copied you, you feel kinda mad and bad.

But the bottom line is…don’t copy without permission from the owners. Okay? I started a header buissness because some people like my headers. I’m not going to make like…a huge buissness with a Web site. But before any of these sites were created…I knew one great header maker…One I could depend on…Groovydudes. I think we should thank Groovy for starting this great idea. Here’s a poem Groovy.

So I started WordPress alone,

No friends, no ideas, no place to call home.

Then one day I met a really nice girl,

She liked me, and helped me explore the WordPress world.

Her name was Groovydudes, she was an angel.

The tribute to Groovy

She helped me through my bad times, like my fight with Danii.

But when I saw these colorful headers on these sites, I asked her…

Could you make me a header?

About 2 weeks later, I got an email from Groovy with the header.

I put it up, feeling proud.

So sites that make your headers, if you think that you started this phenomenon,

It’s not true. It’s all thanks to Groovydudes.

Thanks for everything Groovy!

yoshi :mrgreen:   😀

2 Responses to “To all you webkinz header sites/A tribute to Groovy”

  1. ~♥Webkinzrcool1♥~ Says:

    I am not saying people should quit there header sites or anything… yet so many are so alike they way they run it and stuff, and they PROBABLY (NOT 100 percent sure) Got MOST/all ideas from us. The least they could do is give some credit. Thank-you.

  2. kinzrule Says:

    On my blog I give credit for their ideas

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