Off Topic: lululemon trip!


Okay, let’s start from the beginning:

So all week, I’ve been asking my mom to take me to lululemon in Metrotown because today, is a Pro-D day for my district. I was wanting to get a hoodie for my talent show act with my friend. Yesterday, my mom said, yoshigirl97, I will take you to lululemon if you clean your room. (BTW, my room was a mess.) But since Thursday was my bussiest day, I didn’t have time all day. 😦 But afterΒ Survivor: Micronesia, I decided to clean up the room. So I cleaned, and cleaned, until 9:30pm, then I got the thumbs-up from Mom. So we went to lululemon today.

This morning, I checked the store hours, it was 10am-9pm. So we got there about 10:10 am. The place was no more than 20 people there! I got a Green Remix Hoodie and a lime green headband.Β I got a big bag and the hoodie was $98! Canadian that is. But it was worth it.

Do you have lululemon stores near you? Yes or No? If so, what do you like to buy there? It’s a poll!

yoshi πŸ™‚Β  πŸ˜€

20 Responses to “Off Topic: lululemon trip!”

  1. Groovydudes Says:

    My gosh! 100 bucks! My mother would NEVER let me get clothes for THAT price! πŸ˜† I need to go to the washroom, let me finish this comment after…

  2. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Yeah… But I didn’t have to pay tax. So it was 98 dollars. The headband was 7.50$ but it had a special tax on it. My mom was okay with it though, cause it was my b-day money. πŸ™‚ :mrgreen:

  3. 117moonbeam117 Says:

    lol congrats

  4. Groovydudes Says:

    Ahh, I feel like a piece of crap. 😳 Ug.

    We don’t have those stores here. BUT, we do have alot of FREAKIN SNOW STORMS HERE. The one on Sunday would be, I swear, the 20th this season.

    Heck, I shop for clothes at walmart, sears and even the thrith stores, and yard sales. And LOADS of handmy downs. πŸ™‚ I love being a farm girl! BUt I HATE being sick. Ugh. 😳

  5. yoshigirl97 Says:

    We hardly get snow. I really don’t like snow here because the rain makes it gross.


  6. Groovydudes Says:

    I know-slush. We have brown slush here.

  7. yoshigirl97 Says:

    EEWWW! Gross. LOL! I freaked out at that.


  8. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Just a note, my hoodie is cute, and it’s really warm and comfortable.


  9. Groovydudes Says:

    Brown from the ”dirt, salt” they put on the roads when they have snow plows. Then the other snow plow PLOWS it all and ends up in our driveaway.

  10. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Yeah, we STILL have snow that was plowed from LAST MONTH!


  11. Groovydudes Says:

    May I make you a header? I don’t feel like up-dating blogs in my state.

  12. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Could you make me an easter header? Please include ducks, rabbits and sherbert bunnies and alot of yellow and purple. And some eggs too please. Then email to


  13. Rose1128 Says:

    yoahi guess what here in the midwest we have icilated snow and brown slush. EW
    canadian clothes is spensive!
    you can get hoodies here for around $22
    that lulu place is rip off

  14. yoshigirl97 Says:

    I personnally don’t think lululemon is a rip off cause the clothes are made to last a long time.


  15. 17Starlite Says:

    never heard of lululemon.

  16. megatrendsZ Says:

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  17. canterwind (monkeyluv171) Says:

    never heard of lululemon either. mabey it’s a canadian store

  18. canterwind (monkeyluv171) Says:

    yeah, i live in california and here a hoodie like that green one is about $78 or something I.D.K

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