Jumpin’ Juke Box!


webkinz-rare.jpgThe Jumpin’ Juke Box is on sale in the Curio Shop for 4,500 Kinz Cash! Go get you 0ne! The sale ends in about 30 minutes! Hurry!

                ~Webkinz  Kid

20 Responses to “Jumpin’ Juke Box!”

  1. 117moonbeam117 Says:

    I GOT MINE! my diner is finsihed now!

  2. 17Starlite Says:

    oh moon wat do u want?

  3. bingtong Says:

    sweet! I already have one But I let my bro have it.

  4. frogger3140 Says:


  5. cloe Says:

    hi um i was wondering if you would like to come to my contest may 30th 1000 comment wins a excluziv item that i own it will be a cool one

  6. Maddie Says:

    Rainbowangel23 add me

  7. Webkinz Club Says:


  8. ;s;s;s;s Says:

    hey adddddd me lets trade?

  9. harryboy8080 Says:

    i had one but i was hacked 😦

  10. Webkinz Says:

    I had a jumpin juke box but traded it away, now I want it back 😦

  11. Hakaru Says:

    what does it do?

  12. jacob Says:

    webkinzkid2 when did you get the jumpin’ jukebox!

  13. grace Says:

    I love WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!

  14. canternami Says:

    omg thats so cool! i wish i had one.

  15. hsmcrazy707 Says:

    omg you have! i can neva find it here add me to ur friends list and ill trade ou it for the

    artist super bed
    2 thousand dollar coins
    4 it and with a rainbow exclusive table
    i swear ill trade u them for the juice box
    my user is hsmcrazy707

  16. LOL Says:

    omg i just went on webkinz my poor swan is sick !! lol i wish i had the jukebox

  17. CRISTI Says:

    HA HA HA

  18. CRISTI Says:


  19. flowerstar98 Says:

    i don’t have 1 now but i’m off 2 get 1,ttyl 😉

  20. Madison Says:


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