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WTV Breaking News

February 24, 2008

“Welcome to WTV’s Breaking News Update. I’m Yoshigirl97 and here’s the breaking news. If you watched today’s news about the Wacky Zingoz doll, then you know that Patches was destroyed by the Little Old Lady. Now we’re getting a live feed from the hospital.”

“Hi guys. My encounter with the Little Old Lady finished in a broken paw and leg. My ear has scratches all over it too. But my leg was seriously dammaged. I’m going in for surgery tomorrow…Oh Hi Little Old Lady!”

“Who’re you calling old? I’m Arte’s mother, so you’d better stand back!”

OMG! %#!$@&! Ouch! I’ll sue…

“Well there’s your feed from the hospital. That Little Old Lady is weird. So on this post, comment if you want to sue the Little Old Lady or Patches. This is Yoshigirl signing off!”





Which will you choose?

Wacky Zingoz Doll. (Just some humor)

February 24, 2008

“Hello, I’m Yoshigirl97 and I’m here with Patches to give you the inside scoop on the new Wacky Zingoz Doll. Here’s Patches on the street to get the scoop on the Doll. Patches? *Psst. Switch to Cam 2*”

“Okay! Let’s get the insider scoop.”

-Hi there, I’m Patches from WTV Channel 9. Do you like this doll? Tell me your name too.

Wacky Zingoz

– I’m Kari, and I really think the doll is funny. When I squeeze it. *SQUEEZE* It talks! *Ziiiingozzzz!*

-Thanks alot Kari! You, yeah you kid. Do you like the Zingoz Doll? And your name?

-I’m Jazmine, and I think he’s cute! You unlock a game when you put the code in the computer. Awesome!

-Thanks for that. So far, we know that the Wacky Zingoz Doll talks, when you put it on the computer, you get a game. Let’s get a bit more info. Hey you! Yeah you! Old lady person!

-Who’re you calling old? Why I outta…

Ouch! &$#@!*~! Ow! Ow! Ow! Take the camera off me! *Camera fuzzes out*

“Well then, that was interesting. The Wacky Zingoz Doll talks, and it unlocks a new Wacky Zingoz game… Wacky Zingoz extreme! Well this is Yoshigirl and Patches signing off WTV news. Joe, what weather are we going to get this weekend?”


February 22, 2008

I would like you to meet Patches…My Black and White Cheeky Dog! Here’s the whole story…

Well yesterday morning, I was walking to school with my sis. We left early from my house because I live near Esquires, and they had some NEW webkinz there. So we went into the shop. I looked at the rack and I saw a puffy nose sticking out from under other pets. It was the very last Cheeky Dog there! But my sister and I were going to be late for school so we left. When our mom came with my band stuff, I asked her if I could buy it. She said “Y,(Can’t use real name) after band, we can go. If it’s still there…then you can have it.” So during school, Writestretch and band, I was waiting to meet my dog.

After band, we went to Esquires. I ran in with my wallet and looked for him. He wasn’t there. Then I saw his ears and nose. I picked him off the rack and hugged him. Then i paid for him. My sister was there too. But she fell in love with a kangaroo. She asked me “Y, do you have some more money?” I said, “K I’m sorry, I have only change.” She was sad. But then my mom bought it for her and she had to pay her back. But I had my Patches.

When I adopted him…I got a 1000 kinzcash coin. No new exclusives. Oh well. 🙄                                                        Webkinz 2008 Feb Black & White Cheeky Dog Pre-Order


To all you webkinz header sites/A tribute to Groovy

February 21, 2008

Here’s a message to all you webkinz header sites…

Webkinzrcool and leyley, I know you’re claiming that you started this whole header stuff…but it really shouldn’t be a big deal that people copy you. I think it would be an honor if someone thought to use your idea. But copying without permission is still wrong.

The rest of these new sites, I think you should have asked Webkinzrcool and leyley for permission first. I mean, I’ve been copied before, and when you know someone who copied you, you feel kinda mad and bad.

But the bottom line is…don’t copy without permission from the owners. Okay? I started a header buissness because some people like my headers. I’m not going to make like…a huge buissness with a Web site. But before any of these sites were created…I knew one great header maker…One I could depend on…Groovydudes. I think we should thank Groovy for starting this great idea. Here’s a poem Groovy.

So I started WordPress alone,

No friends, no ideas, no place to call home.

Then one day I met a really nice girl,

She liked me, and helped me explore the WordPress world.

Her name was Groovydudes, she was an angel.

The tribute to Groovy

She helped me through my bad times, like my fight with Danii.

But when I saw these colorful headers on these sites, I asked her…

Could you make me a header?

About 2 weeks later, I got an email from Groovy with the header.

I put it up, feeling proud.

So sites that make your headers, if you think that you started this phenomenon,

It’s not true. It’s all thanks to Groovydudes.

Thanks for everything Groovy!

yoshi :mrgreen:   😀

Go to Webkinzweblog!

February 18, 2008

Hello, and welcome to the blog of the month! This month, please go to:

Look around and post some comments. There’s a great contest going on!


I’m starting a header buisness

February 18, 2008

Hey people! I’m starting a header buisness because I’m not too fond of these header buisnesses because I want to do my own. I want to be a reliable buisness! Please visit the My header buisness page to order your header!


Webkinz Kid’s for his contest

February 18, 2008

Okay Webkinzkid, here’s your header for the contest!webkinzkid-header.jpg

My username is yoshigirl97! I hope you like it!

All for now…

yoshi 🙂

Jumpin’ Juke Box!

February 16, 2008

webkinz-rare.jpgThe Jumpin’ Juke Box is on sale in the Curio Shop for 4,500 Kinz Cash! Go get you 0ne! The sale ends in about 30 minutes! Hurry!

                ~Webkinz  Kid

My Golf Cart

February 16, 2008


Today I traded with Moonbeam for a golf cart. I traded my Hot Air Balloon for a Golf Cart! Thanks for trading Moonbeam!


Let’s welcome Webkinzkid!

February 16, 2008

Welcome to Webkinzkid! He also runs this blog now, and he’s my employee! Webkinzkid everyone!