Sad yoshi


Well hi there, glad you came to listen to my story. It goes like this:

I was preparing for my birthday party and I gave out my invitations to my friends karaguloien1, Godly101 and my other friend. My friend karaguloien1 looked at the invitation, and said “Yoshigirl97, i’m sorry, but I already said I’d go to horsegal11’s birthday party. But if it makes you feel better, I’ll try to cut the party at around 7:00pm.” The party is Saturday of next week. Godly101 and my friend both R.S.V.Ped, but karaguloien1 has been trying to lie her way out of my conversations and I can’t seem to call her.

And that’s my story. I’ve been a bit down all weekend. Yeah.

yoshi 😦

4 Responses to “Sad yoshi”

  1. webkinzkid Says:

    can you put on one of your posts?thanks

  2. alicen Says:

    it’s HORSEGAL6 not horsegal11

  3. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Oops, sorry… typo error.

  4. Razzy180 Says:

    I’m so sorry about that! But i hope u still have a good birthday! 😦

    -razzy the crazzy

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