5,000 hits party!


I was looking at my hits and we are now past 5,000! Time to celebrate! I’m going to have a party! Here is the date and time for the party:

Where: Yoshigirl97’s webkinz house

When: January 20th at 7:oo pm kinztime to 7:30pm kinztime

Why: 2 reasons: 1) 5,000 hits 2) My birthday is in 3 days from that day

Zone: Teal zone

Room: My Large room (I’ll be setting up for it)

I will accept requests to come to the party from today to January 17th. I will plan the party well, and if I need to change it, please bear with me.

Come and help me celebrate 5,000!

10 Responses to “5,000 hits party!”

  1. webkinzweirdo Says:

    I’m holidayhooligan. I will come!

  2. cheekymonkie444 Says:

    i might be able to come idk. i added u, i am supercat108.

    and yoshi do you think you can help with my emmys on saturday? well you rsvp’d on my site and i need someones help. so post here or on my site w/ your decision

  3. webkinz1234 Says:

    ill see if i can make it. im shelly614

  4. pikaplace Says:

    Can I come? I’m dogbone105!


  5. avrilisawsome Says:

    Ill see if ill be able to make it.My username is fhuf

  6. yoshigirl97 Says:

    okay everyone you can come

  7. yoshigirl97 Says:

    hi avril

  8. hollister99 Says:

    can i come please?…. my username is Arielgc :]

  9. wendell2014 Says:

    I wanna come!!!

  10. avrilisawsome Says:

    Hey yoshi!

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