Dr. Quack Rampage


This following article is NOT real, just a fake story


Today, Waddles the Lil’ Kinz penguin needed his weekly checkup at Dr. Quack’s Clinic. He walked in and said, “Hello Merthy! I need a check up with Dr. Quack.” So he went to Dr. Quack’s examination room. “Good evening Waddles, you’re now my first victim.” He said, dimmimng the lights. Waddles started to panic. “Now my Dr. Quack doll and I will HURT you so bad, you may die!” He said with a knife in his hand. (NOTE: No knife shown in photo) Waddles started to scream and cry.

He was just one of the many victims in Dr. Quack’s rampage. Today, he had harassed a Bull Frog and a Gold and White Cat. Webkinz Newz has an exclusive interview with Waddles the penguin and Sam Mcwoof, the Kinzville Police

“I was strapped in on his examaning bed, and he started to cut my wing. Not to worry, my wing has only minor injuries and I am okay.” Said Waddles to Webkinz Newz reporter Amanda Catty.

“This is a tragic situation, Miss. Cat. My crew is working 24/7 to find Dr. Quack and his Voodoo dolls. We will try to find him.” Said Sam Mc.Woof.

So we will be updating about Dr. Quack daily.

78 Responses to “Dr. Quack Rampage”

  1. avrilisawsome Says:


  2. Elmtree Says:

    LOL! Nice one! I always thought Dr.Quack was scary!!

  3. avrilisawsome Says:

    But you know who else is more scarier……?


  4. yoshigirl97 Says:

    oh ya!

  5. pikaplace Says:

    I love it!!

  6. Rose1128 Says:

    Oh that is soooo creepy, I have a penguin named waddles and right now i have 5385 kk!!!! WHOA

    • flowerstar98 Says:

      i have WWWWWWAAAAAAYYYYYY more i have 9000000000000000 kinzcash so HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. webkinzlover122 Says:

    Yeah, she hardly even shows you the security letters so you have to go back and type your secret code ALL over again. It’s all part of her evil plan I tell you!

  8. yoshigirl97 Says:


  9. webkinzgrl44 Says:

    um… i think this is a little innapropriate. You know, my 6 year old brother can read, and he read this, and now he has nightmares…

  10. roselilly Says:

    i like the story its funny

  11. yoshigirl97 Says:

    really, oops! Sorry webkinzgrl, but if you don’t want your brother to get nightmares, I suggest not letting him near the computer when you’re here, and tell him Dr. Quack is a nice duck and he would never hurt your webkinz. He tries to keep the webkinz safe and healthy. Oh, and don’t let him read Elmtrees Evil Arte Fact Plush toys if you don’t want him to be scared even more. I can’t take this post off my blog, people love it, so just keep your bro away from this post if you can. And remember, reassuring helps ALOT. Oh and please don’t tell your parents to sue me,. REMEMBER: THIS POST IS NOT REAL it says that on the start of the post


  12. roselilly Says:

    omg i love my nintendo DS

  13. cheergirl72 Says:

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  14. emma Says:

    ooh creepy put i dont have nightmares im 7

  15. webkinzgrl44 Says:

    Hey yoshigirl97,

    thanks for that nice comment.

  16. yoshigirl97 Says:

    You’re welcome webkinzgrl. Does your brother still have nightmares?

  17. allisoncat10 Says:


  18. hi Says:

    yo this is creepy

  19. milliexoxo Says:


  20. katy175 Says:

    That was good!!!! Bravo!!!!!!
    You know who is mean though

    Arte if you give him a tip sometimes he’ll say sorry but I don’t run a charity!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 1kbuckeye9 Says:

    funny katie!

  22. 1kbuckeye9 Says:

    does that really happen?

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  24. Julie Says:

    I have a Lil’ Kinz Penguin. It’s a girl and her name is Gemini.

  25. Reva Says:

    I hope Waddles is ok.That evil doctor hurt my whimsy dragon really bad.My dragon’s names is Flame.I went for our weekly visit to the doctor.Dr.Quack was whacking my Flame with a sledge hammer!Luckily,Flame flew away before much damage was made.Flame has one broken wing,a few fractured rib bones and one broken leg.At least he isn’t dead.I am NEVER going back there again!

  26. Henry Says:

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  27. Melanie Says:

    Dr.quack looks evil!!!!!! If you stare at it for more than 2 minutes, it looks like he’s gonna pop out of the screen!!! He could in a horror movie!!!!!! whooooooooo spooky!!!!!!!!

  28. Webkinz Club Says:

    Dude , He wants to know whats inside my webkinz’s nose!

  29. AddMeOnWebkinz-Chloee11 Says:

    that was a pretty good story.
    i love the paint edits. 😉
    good job.
    i also have a lil kinz penguin her name is Alex.
    love th story.
    love webkinz!♥

  30. bananakaz20 Says:

    he cut a hole in my webkinz skunk’s brain!
    P.S. arte is scarrier than quizzy, mrs. birdy, dr. quack, ms. cowline, zanqoz, and amanda panda from the wish factory combined!

  31. New story Says:

    I heard Ms. Birdy and Dr. Quack chop your webkinz head off. But it is so fake

  32. JoeMan64 Says:

    Hilarious! Made me laugh till the next morning! XD… Anyway, there’s a story that Tabby Von Meow has a handgun and if you do a bad job 3 times or more, she’ll shoot your webkinz! And I witnessed it happen!

  33. McKenna Says:

    This is a bit innapropriate , but is so true. My friend told me he went to Dr. Quacks and Dr. Quack killed his webkinz.

  34. McKenna Says:

    Tabby von Meow has a handgun?

  35. McKenna Says:

    Now all I’m waiting is for someone to say dr quack has tarantulas that fly out of his fingers and poison your webkinz.

  36. McKenna Says:

    Have any of you guys noticed that Dr. Quack puts a big screen up? I think he does something bad to our webkinz while were waiting. I’m so writing into Ganz and telling them to eliminate that feature.

  37. tinseltrot Says:

    i hope you do!

  38. mckenna Says:

    is’nt there a big possibility that dr. quack is locked up in the webkinz insane asylum? I think he is. stay off of webkinz or dr. quack will find you. do you know by any chance the address of ganz. i know it is in cheektowaga ny but i dont know the address. i am from erie county ny. where are you from?

  39. Demi'sgirl Says:

    Wow what happens next

  40. aammeeelliaa Says:


  41. mckenna Says:

    My friend told me he went to watch secret chef and gazpacho popped out and stabbed his pink whimsey dragon to death. why doesnt anybody think chef gazpacho is a murderer? he is a criminal and he is evil and i refuse to go on webkinz until they get rid of birdy, shut down neopets and wipe gazpacho off. if not webkinz will be shut down because of complaints and replies about this mishap on dr. quack. i will be happy when webkinz is shut down. who agrees? all in favor say die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. megaly Says:

    you are stupid mckenna!!! that is fake! people love webkinz!!! they will never shut down!!!

  43. club penguin Says:

    Great site. Will return 🙂

  44. kika Says:

    ROFL! i laughed so hard that my sis heard me outside! good job you : )

  45. mad Says:


  46. carmen Says:

    nu stiu cum ati facut asta dar sigur e foarte tare.si stiti ce e stupid?ca nici unul din voi care ati scris mesajele nu ati scris in romana.prostilor

  47. someone1789 Says:

    My friend told me that she saw bigfoot and robbers in her house, now there is a tuft of fur that follows her pet around, and one of her pets was cut.

  48. sapphire2011 Says:

    I love that!I hate those people who say its innapropriate. They are just big babies. In my opinion, i think your entries are hilarious. I read them every night. Please reply, my name is marley.

  49. abby Says:

    not true poor waddles!:(

  50. Mariya Says:

    Poor lil Waddles and Cats and Frog 😦

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    Warehouse outlets are also save some funds.

  60. papadaddywoman Says:

    mr quack is now mayor. Edit: Btw anyone 2018?

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