Alvin Chipmunk Costume Giveaway


Hi, I’m giving away an alvin chipmunk costume on webkinz. It’s easy! Just post your user!

Grand Prize is: The Alvin chipmunk costume (Not the Theo or Simon costume, just the Alvin)

Second and third prize: A modern lamp.

It ends on Dec 13th. Hurry and post your usernames. Add yoshigirl97 on webinz also please!

21 Responses to “Alvin Chipmunk Costume Giveaway”

  1. pikaplace Says:

    Hey!! I’m doing a room makeover!! So, I have a bunch of stuff to trade. Try making me an offer! So, if you have something I want leave a comment about it under the most recent post on! Also scroll down and look at my new contest about naming the horse. I’ts almost over!! OK! Here’s the stuff!


    1. Tiara (3)
    2. Black and White Sneakers
    3. Red & Brown Polo Shirt
    4. White Jeans
    5. Funky Neon ‘Fro
    6. Swim Goggles
    7. Rain Hat
    8. Penny Loafers
    9. Baby Blue Beanie
    10. Pirate Eye Patch
    11. Tutti-Frutti Headress
    12. Green Layered Tee
    13. Cowboy Hat
    14. Red Belt
    15. 20% Off W Shop Coupon
    16. Snowflake Side Table (4)
    17. Barbeque
    18. Iris Garden (5)
    19. Bamboo Shelving
    20. Doghouse Bed
    21. Beach Sandchair (2)
    22. Stadium Lighting Lamp (2)
    23. Baseball Beanbag Chair (2)
    24. Ribbons And Bows Tree
    25. Domo Roboto Dresser (Kooky Scientist Theme)
    26. Football Dining Table
    27. Helmet Lamp (Hockey Theme)
    28. Hockey Chair
    29. Oak Paneled Pool
    30. Rising Star Trophy Pedestal (3)
    31. Hockey Wallpaper
    32. Quizzy Plush Toy
    33. Dr. Quack Plush Toy
    34. Goalie Mask Shelf
    35. Monkey & Monkey Dummy
    36. Ms. Birdy Plush Toy
    37. Tabby Von Meow Plush Toy
    38. Cars Poster
    39. Welcome Balloon
    40. Classic Diner Clock


  2. avrilisawsome Says:

    My username is fhuf

  3. cheergirl72 Says:

    hi i’m cheergirl72 && my username is Cheergirl72!

  4. cheergirl72 Says:

    but there’s no “!” lol (lol)

  5. yoshigirl97 Says:

    I know cheer, and i’ll add you and send you your prize

  6. yoshigirl97 Says:

    I mean the other contest prize

  7. hotmail737 Says:


  8. toomanywebkinz Says:

    leyley904 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pikaplace Says:

    if ya don’t have it, Dogbone105 please

    love the site


  10. pikaplace Says:

    Hey! If your looking for a good and fun site on I have just opened up a new giveaway!!


  11. Ricky Says:

    Webkinz user name rickymm

  12. Penny2263 Says:

    User Penny2263.Thanks!I cant find those outfits anywhere!

  13. pikaplace Says:

    Can you also enter my friend Blackdog26 please!

  14. pikaplace Says:

    I’ve got a great new giveaway on!! I also have a TCG desk up for trade, if you want to leave a comment on my blog!

    -Dogbone105 🙂

  15. lisa Says:

    my username is LandN

  16. pikaplace Says:

    Want to have YOUR webkinz posted on a blog?
    Want up to date contests, giveaways and information?
    Want to enter my brand new contest?

    Then visit!


  17. toomanywebkinz Says:


  18. joey218 Says:

    joey218 add me 8D

  19. NemoCreeque Says:

    I made on photoshop glitter myspace pics.
    take a look at them:
    Thanks a lot for your website 🙂 xoxoxo

  20. Miranda C. Says:

    Hey!My webkinz name is ilovewebkinz972530.I can’t believe you are giving away a alvin costume!He is so cute!Please put me in the contest!Thanks!

  21. Robert Shumake Says:

    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

    Robert Shumake Paul Nicoletti

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