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Alvin Chipmunk Costume Giveaway

December 9, 2007

Hi, I’m giving away an alvin chipmunk costume on webkinz. It’s easy! Just post your user!

Grand Prize is: The Alvin chipmunk costume (Not the Theo or Simon costume, just the Alvin)

Second and third prize: A modern lamp.

It ends on Dec 13th. Hurry and post your usernames. Add yoshigirl97 on webinz also please!

My new Lil’ Kinz Penguin!

December 9, 2007

Today, I went to Metrotown downtown Vancouver for breakfast with Santa. I went to Metropolis after breakfast to Piggy Bank Place, a store that sells toys! Well anyways, I entered the mall and I saw a Lil’ Kinz penguin in a bag with a pack of trading cards, and a collie with a charm! I was so torn beetween buying only ONE! 😥 So I decided a Lil’ Kinz Penguin. Besides, I was probably going to get the Collie in my stocking. But the store was filled with everything Mario! Mario carpet, Mario pillow, Mario plush, Mario keychains, Mario dancing Toads, Mario Mascots, Mario pens, Mario everything! I was so facinated! Then we went to Hallmark in the mall and my mom bought a Lil’ Kinz cow for herself. (Did you know that she has webkinz too? An elephant!) At the hallmark, they had just sold their last Lil’ Kinz Penguin to a girl that really wanted one. Then we went to Carlton Cards and my sister an I saw a Araibian Horse. Then we went home and I adopted my penguin and named him Waddles and got my 3rd super bed, the night at the movies bed. I’ll post pics soon, but I love him and maybe, just maybe, I’ll take a picture of him for you with my camera. Bye!

A new kinz in town!

December 9, 2007

Here is the first chapter of a new kinz in town:


One morning, Todd, Santa’s reindeer, went for a walk to the Kinzville airport to pick up Santa’s shipment of snowglobes. An Antarctican airlines plane flew into the runway and it started to unload the shipment of snowglobes. But what surprised Todd so much was that a Lil’ Kinz penguin with a small suitcase came off the plane. “Hello, my name is Waddles, and do you know where the entrance to the airport is?” Asked the penguin shyly. “Sure, just go to the doors of gate 34.” Replied Todd. Todd was sort of jealous. Why did he have to be the center of attention? Todd picked up the snowglobes and flew away.

 The next morning, Todd flew to school with a backpack on his arm and entered school. He sat in his seat and Ms. Birdy started to take roll call. ‘Stoogles Googles, check! Salley Cat, check, Todd Kringle, check!” She finished the webkinz roll call. There was no Lil’ kinz in the whole class. Then Mrs. Cowoline entered the room, with the Lil’ Kinz Penguin that Todd saw yesterday. “Ms. Birdy, it seems that we have no more room in our Lil’ Kinz classes for little Waddles, so may we put little Waddles in your class?” Asked Ms. Cowoline. “Well I don’t think the mayor would allow that at the Kinzville academy.” Said Ms. Birdy. “Please? Or I will have to send Waddles home.” Pleaded Mrs. Cowoline. “Well, okay. I guess that having Waddles in our class won’t be so bad, won’t it class.” Replied Ms. Birdy. Stoogles nodded his head while he was studying for the science quiz. Salley said “Sure!” while she was copying down her spicy salsa recepie for Stoogles. Todd nodded. Waddles was happy, he could finally have friends. Chapter 2 is coming soon!