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Go to Rose’s blog!

December 31, 2007

Please go to Rose’s blog! I’ll put a new thing in the blog too. Go to Rose’s blog. is the URL. Please go to Rose’s blog

yoshi 🙂 😀

Smileys Galore

December 31, 2007

Hi guys, try these smileys:  8) 😉 🙄 😀 🙂

He He! If thy don’t show up, so sorry guys.

New things for the new year 2

December 29, 2007

Hi guys, I’ve been reading your comments, replying back to some comments and I am going to………………….KEEP THESE THINGS:

1)The Header and theme: Everyone seems to like it, and it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than other blogs.

2) The avatar: I like the avatar, but some people have good ideas for more avatars I can use. Here are the used avatars:     And the avatar I’m using is on my comments that I say


1) The slogan: Instead of Nintendo+ Webkinz= FUN!, It’s going to be Nintendo+Webkinz+Fun=Awesome (credit to Jdog for the slogan)

Well, I hope you like this.

yoshi 🙂

New things for the new year…

December 27, 2007

Okay guys. I am going to change the blog around ALOT now!

1) This will now be a Nintendo and Webkinz blog from now on. I will try to keep it running smoothly.

2) My avatar will be Link for a while, but it may become Mario too.

3) New slogan to the blog : Nintendo and webkinz = FUN

4) If you don’t like this idea, COMMENT HERE!

Now, people are putting Shining Stars on their blog, so I thought I’d make my blog Nintendo and Webkinz.

Happy New Year! New things on the blog! New header, avatar, everything!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! This is what I got!

Dude Hat (Webkinz Clothes) From Santa in my stocking

Raincoat and hat (Webkinz clothes) From my uncle Stuart

Ballerina Costume (Webkinz Costume) From my uncle Stuart

Ornaments from my Grandma Elaine, Aunty Maryellen.

A DIGITAL CAMERA! From my mom and dad

Mario Party DS from my sister

Mario Kart DS from Santa Claus as my main gift.

A really cute sweater from my mom and dad

Hello Kitty PJs from my uncle Dave.

Season Passes 2008 for Playland from my mom

10$ from my Grandma Mary

And way more!

Maybe, I’ll take pictures with my digital camera and put them on here for you!

Dr. Quack Rampage

December 24, 2007

This following article is NOT real, just a fake story


Today, Waddles the Lil’ Kinz penguin needed his weekly checkup at Dr. Quack’s Clinic. He walked in and said, “Hello Merthy! I need a check up with Dr. Quack.” So he went to Dr. Quack’s examination room. “Good evening Waddles, you’re now my first victim.” He said, dimmimng the lights. Waddles started to panic. “Now my Dr. Quack doll and I will HURT you so bad, you may die!” He said with a knife in his hand. (NOTE: No knife shown in photo) Waddles started to scream and cry.

He was just one of the many victims in Dr. Quack’s rampage. Today, he had harassed a Bull Frog and a Gold and White Cat. Webkinz Newz has an exclusive interview with Waddles the penguin and Sam Mcwoof, the Kinzville Police

“I was strapped in on his examaning bed, and he started to cut my wing. Not to worry, my wing has only minor injuries and I am okay.” Said Waddles to Webkinz Newz reporter Amanda Catty.

“This is a tragic situation, Miss. Cat. My crew is working 24/7 to find Dr. Quack and his Voodoo dolls. We will try to find him.” Said Sam Mc.Woof.

So we will be updating about Dr. Quack daily.

Winner of the Alvin Costume

December 23, 2007

Winner of the costume is Dogbone! Add me on webkinz Dogbone. And the runners up are cheergirl72 and avrilisawesome! Add me on webkinz and I’ll send you the prizes.

Merry Christmas! (Check out the slide show!)

December 17, 2007

Take my Harry Potter Quiz

December 16, 2007

It’s not webkinz, but if you want to test your knowledge of the first 4 Harry Potter books, click on this link:

Good Luck to all you Potter fans!

Alvin Chipmunk Costume Giveaway

December 9, 2007

Hi, I’m giving away an alvin chipmunk costume on webkinz. It’s easy! Just post your user!

Grand Prize is: The Alvin chipmunk costume (Not the Theo or Simon costume, just the Alvin)

Second and third prize: A modern lamp.

It ends on Dec 13th. Hurry and post your usernames. Add yoshigirl97 on webinz also please!