Color Storm Burst!


color-storm-burst.jpgI went on webkinz earlier and played color storm. I got a score of 2927, the amount of 117 kinzcash, and 35 bonus kinzcash. Pretty cool huh?

14 Responses to “Color Storm Burst!”

  1. katherine Says:

    heck no i won 5 exclusives on the wishing well

  2. Webkinz Club Says:

    Cool 2nd comment!

  3. birdlover Says:

    i have over 50 rare and excucive items 10 super beds and almost 45 pets if you want to be my friend my name is penguinanea

  4. SAsammygirl Says:


  5. penguinanea Says:

    yoi love webkinz codes give me anyunused webkinz codes and i will pay you back

  6. birdlover Says:

    he has


  7. Brian Says:

    I know tons of cheats!

  8. sev102102 Says:

    Where is color storm? That is my favorite game

  9. Jan Says:

    I’d like to know where COlor Storm is too! It was also MY favorite. I had to have my Color Storm “fix” daily. Now it’s gone. It’s very upsetting. I over looked that it never got the attention it deserved but now u have taken it away totally. NOT FAIR!!

  10. Carol Says:

    I miss color storm! It was my fav game! Webkinz should bring it back.

  11. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Katherine- Really? That’s cool!

    Webkinz Club- Good for you ^-^

    Birdlover- Umm…alright.

    SAsammy- LOL! Do you know what I’m doing right now??????

    Penguinanea- Okay…

    Birdlover- Does he?

    Brian- That will get you banned from WW!!

    sev102102- I have no idea where they put the game, they didn’t make an announcement on WW. Glitch??

    Jan- Totally!! I know right??

    Carol- Me too…

  12. nursern Says:

    Color storm was my favorite game on Webkinz!! bring it back soon please!

  13. dora and diego pictures Says:

    dora and diego pictures…

    […]Color Storm Burst! « Yoshigirl97′s Webkinz and Nintendo Blog[…]…

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