A new google in town chapter 1


Here is the first chapter of the new google in town :

The new google in town

 Chapter 1 : One early morning in Kinzville, a plane pulled into the airport.  A google stepped out with a small backpack and suitcase. He was wearing sky blue glasses that were too big for his eyes, but they increased his vision.  He started to head over to Kinzville Academy. When he headed to Miss Cowoline’s office, he looked at his transfer paper. It said this : Name: Giggles Google Country transferred from : United States Schools gone to : 10 Gordan and Gordana Google, which is us, will trust the academies to take care of our google.  Giggles entered the office and started to shuffle the papers in his flippers. But what he did’nt know was that this was going to be the coolest school year ever.

2 Responses to “A new google in town chapter 1”

  1. soccerstar123 Says:

    Ya! First comment!

  2. yoshigirlsmum Says:

    I look forward to Chapter 2! It looks like it will be a good story!

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