All of my webkinz


7 Responses to “All of my webkinz”

  1. cheergirl72 Says:

    umm….how do you post the side show on your site…i tried it && didn’t work

  2. avrilisawsome Says:

    well you have to go to and make it!then you give the password and username for wordpress or your blog and then you go to your website and bam its there!

  3. cheergirl72 Says:

    okay thanks a lot

  4. avrilisawsome Says:

    no problem

  5. DANII Says:

    My lovepuupy is named hearts too!

  6. zoney1997 Says:

    i lve your music go east hig

  7. yoshigirlsmum Says:

    I think your slide show is really neat! and I like the music you chose too!

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