Wheel of the Month and other news


Yay! I got to spin the wheel of the month! I got a new recpie food. Here are some pics of the wheel and my prize :


 Sorry, they are a bit small, but I am just starting to get used to taking pictures. I haven’t been on webkinz because I had lots of homework. And my new nickname is yosh. Groovy, you can do give-aways because I don’t really have many ideas on how to do them. The bee costume is in the curio shop so you don’t need to search the site a million times to find one. And Michelle and Hayley have found POTM ribbons floating around and they are avalible to everyone. Bye!


11 Responses to “Wheel of the Month and other news”

  1. avrilisawsome Says:

    um i cant see them!and what did you get on the wheel!

  2. yoshigirl97 Says:

    I got an unknown recpie.


  3. cheergirl72 Says:

    what does the recipe look like[?]

  4. yoshigirl97 Says:

    It kind of looks like a goblet with brocoli in it

  5. avrilisawsome Says:

    i might no the recipe can i send that recipe i might now which you got to you and you tell me if its the right one!

  6. yoshigirl97 Says:

    sure avril, but please send it back if you know what it is

  7. avrilisawsome Says:

    no wait i will sned you the recipe.and you tell me if it is the one you got!

  8. cheergirl72 Says:

    heyy everyone its cheergirl72…i’m having a thanksgiving contest…it you want to know more about it check out: http://www.cheergirl72.wordpress.com [!]

  9. Sierra Says:

    that is an awesome giveaway guys you NEED to check it out!! She has awesome prizes to win and you dont even really have to do anything there is 1 2 3 and honorable menchion

  10. crosenkranz Says:

    hi got the hot air ballon, im so happy, las ttime i missed it att he curio shop and i already had the golf cart. 🙂 but guess what, i just got the hot air ballooon for free!! 😉 i have 14 webkinz and my newest ones are: ( Comet), Reindeer ( Chelsey), aribean horse, and seal which im getting for Hannukah im going to name her Sandy because shes a seal…..and seals go on the sand =D i really want the lil penguin and collie dog. i have the same care reward glitch and today i got a papya and 80 kinzcash 🙂 YAY!! i luv this glitch

  11. yoshigirl97 Says:

    crosenkranz, what do you want for the golf cart?

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