Outfit Contest


Hello, it’s yoshigirl97, and I have a new giveaway. To enter, you have to make up a new webkinz outfit and describe what it looks like. Grand Prize : Either 3 recpie foods or an outfit on webkinz. Secondary Prize: A shirt on webkinz. Honarable Mention: A recepie food. I will send all the outfit suggestions to Ganz after the contest. Contest ends on November 9th 2007.

BONUS ENTRIES: If you post a link to a webkinz site you know, you will get 10 bonus entries.

10 Responses to “Outfit Contest”

  1. avrilisawsome Says:

    ok ill enter my outfit is sparkly pink bow,green layered tee,kinzville acadmey skirt,red belt,soft suede boots.this is a descreaption!Go to school and anywhere else looking cool like a popstar!Three words to describe this out fit-fab,u,lous!ok her are my links i have loads!www.avrilisawsome.wordpress.com

  2. avrilisawsome Says:

    um i just posted a comment i dont see it!

  3. yoshigirl97 Says:

    It’s there, don’t worry

  4. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Okay Avril, you have 11 entries. Love the outfit idea

  5. alidr Says:

    ok well i am going to put a kinzville academy shoes,camo pants , purple and pink striped polo shirt and the snowboarding toque and how does avril have eleven entries email me and tell me and also tell me how you get the headlines and pictures of your webkinz room on your blog , since i am the room designer and all

  6. avrilisawsome Says:

    um dont i get 111 entreis cause i posted loads of websites see!

  7. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Well, Avril. It’s kind of unfair how you get more entries(What I mean is 111) Okay?

  8. avrilisawsome Says:

    ok thats

  9. avrilisawsome Says:

    um who won?

  10. yoshigirl97 Says:

    Oops, sorry avril, haven’t picked yet.

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