An incident has happened


Please look at this website’s post :

Yesterday, these people from stole my post about the bee movie advertisments. If you know anything about tell me on this post.

Please, let’s leave this post for information about , not for trading or chatting.

Please read my post before going to the website.

Hi, it’s me, yoshigirl97 and I have lots of news. First one is, I saw the honey advertisements and I got some more honey! Second is…. blueribbons is my Room Designer! Yea! Thank you blueribbons. I still have these job openings:

Advice Columnist

Room Designer

Gamer who gives tips (like Felicity Tiger)

Story Writer

And, I would like you to check out and check out Groovy’s page. Please pray with myself and Groovy for Elmtrees. She is going through a hard stage.


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