A very hilarious website : Its off topic


I know its off topic but I love this website! For Harry Potter fans: go to www.potterpuppetpals.com it rocks!

3 Responses to “A very hilarious website : Its off topic”

  1. kewliogirl Says:

    they changed the background.

  2. texasgirl11 Says:

    Yah I’ve been there it’s hilarious

    go to http://webkinzgiveaway.wordpress.com/

  3. fredtory Says:

    I’m new on this site but have been teaching for 4 years.
    I have a year 5/6 class in Rome. Challenging kids, 100% non-English speaking background, lots of fights, little interest in learning and I love every minute!

    I do enjoy reading about different school systems and teaching practises and condition and have found a lot of great ideas on this site previously.

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    Fred 🙂

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